I am Olaf, and I have been around photographing for a few years now, and not so long ago (june 2016) I got to see a drone for the first time, and the things you could do with it were mind blowing.

Drone photography is so great because it gives a whole new perspective to the world around you, and I wanted to start with this as well.

I have started with a small mini drone to use in the house, and that was a tough journey, flying it looked easy, but it was harder than I thought it would be, but after a lot of trying I mastered it.

Not long after I have ordered a Syma X5C-1 with a camera attached to it. This was a bigger drone, and could also be used outside, and this is where the real flying started for me.

Took it outside many times, did some modding to the remote so I could take it up so high I could hardly see it, and due to that drone I have learned to master the controls.


The next step was my first ever GPS drone, a Hubsan X4 Desire H502E
It was something different! it had all the gizmo’s like GPS, Altitude hold, Return to home and so on.
Flying it was easy, letting go of the controls made it hover instead of falling down, that was what happened when you did that to the Syma.


After a few flights it got faulty, and it appears that the Hubsan has a lot of problems with motors burning out whenever they want to.

So, after a few crashes and repairs I decided I want to get another step further, and instead of repairing the Hubsan, I have bought an Up Air one drone.
And this was again another giant leap forward.
It had all the things the Hubsan had, and more like a gimball, FPV, 4k video and 16MP photo.
Now I am also building drones, and a DJI has been added to the fleet… this hobby is just great!


That got me to a point that I wanted to get online and share my views of the word around me, that’s when Drones4Life was born, and here we are!

Nice to meet you, hope to see you soon!

Happy Flying,