Useful upgrades for your drone

Everybody that has a RTF (Ready To Fly) drone, cheap or expensive, has a standard kit that comes with the drone.
Apart from the drone and a controller you also get a spare set of propellers, 1 or 2 LiPo’s and a charger.
If you have bought a kit to build your own, this post might not be useful for you.

Normally this would be enough to get you flying.
But especially with the cheaper drones you could consider (and maybe should) to upgrade 1 or 2 things to get even more joy out of your drone.

The first thing you should consider to buy would be a LiPo bag.

A LiPo bag reduces the risk of a giant fire when a LiPo starts to burn.
This is the safest option to store your LiPo batteries. They can be used for every type of LiPo, big or small.
LiPo bags can be purchased online, or locally and don’t cost much.


When you have a drone that comes with a charger that has a USB plug, you are killing your battery from day 1.
These chargers don’t balance very well, if they do, and an unbalanced battery is a bad battery.

2s LiPo’s and up should be balance charged, and a good charger is needed to do this.
Some drone manufacturers provide a B3 balance charger, and these are okay(ish) but if you can, upgrade it. There have been several reports of LiPo’s being destroyed because of this charger. It is the cheapest balance charger available. Cheap is the wrong way when it comes to chargers.

Click here to see what kind of chargers are available.
I would recommend a B6 charger to start with.


Upgrading propellers might sound strange, but it is possible.
There are stories of people (like me) like carbon fiber propellers over the stock ones.
Propellers are also available in a lot of colours, and putting 2 different ones on could be useful to see front and back on a bright day when you can’t see the lights that good.

Propellers are not necessarily a needed upgrade but can be a useful upgrade.
Again, propellers can be bought online in a lot of different shapes and sizes.
Make sure you chooses the correct one for your drone.


Antenna’s are a very useful upgrade.
Depending on the drone, the stock antenna can get you anywhere from 30 meters to 2km’s
But if you have a cheaper or midrange drone you might consider upgrading your antenna to get a bit more distance.
For a cheaper drone that has a built in antenna, adding an external antenna is an instant upgrade, and if it has an antenna changing it for a better one is a good upgrade as well.

If your drone has FPV you could see your image breaking up after a few meters due to a bad antenna.
For FPV improvement you could consider attaching a mushroom of cloverleaf antenna.

Here is a list of antennas that you could use to upgrade

Every drone comes with one, or 2 batteries to get you going.
But did you know you can also upgrade your battery to get more flying time?
A good example is the Syma X5c (and all knock offs)
This drone comes with a standard 550 mAh battery, but this drone can hold a 1200 mAh battery!

This doubles the flying time! and that is a very good upgrade!
But there are bigger batteries available for all kinds of drones.
Have a look here to see if there is one available for your drone.


  1. Where can I find upgraded propellers for the Hubsan h502e? I’m having a hard time finding anything.

  2. Yea I’m came to that conclusion. Would the traxxas alias blades work? Seems like there’s a market out there for the cheaper drones mod but nobody is worried about it

    1. I guess you have a good point there. On the other hand, in the toy grade sector there are so many many models and new models are introduced almost daily. there is no keeping up with that.
      These drones are good to get people introduced to drone flying, but modding, and adding weight is not done, the brushed motors just don’t have enough lift and lifespan for that.
      I have seen people modding Syma’s and add FPV cameras to them, and that is a lot of fun.

      I guess, if you want to mod, the H502 is not the drone to do it with.

  3. I understand that but these are the drones that get people interested in the sport, instead some times they are leaving bad tastes in people’s mouths’, so to say, that is eventually leading them to just quit. If you really want to drive sales for the more expensive drones, they should make these cheaper ones upgradable to a certain extent to lengthen the life of them and then that would push people into saying, yes let’s go make a $1,000+ investment on a dji or whatever. Not spend $80-$300 on a so called toy grade quad only to have it constantly tear up and forcing someone to make the decision to either buy an expensive one or just find a new hobby.

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