USB Mod UpAir One V4 – PX4 board

When you have a PX4 board, you should try to use
QGroundcontrol instead of Mission Planner.
You can download it here

Some people already found out that they don’t have an USB port inside the drone.
That is right! This is the V4 UpAir One.

**UPDATE It seems that the compass (in the landing leg) has a port, that is the USB port from what I have heard from different sources. I can’t get this confirmed yet, but it has been connected to Mission Planner, and it seemed to work**

It seems like G10 have silently updated the boards to PX4 (maybe because they also have app support on the UpAir One Plus, need to find that out)
Previously G10 used APM boards, and they were simple to mod.
Now they are using PX4 boards, and they have removed the USB port, and replaced it with a socket instead.
No worries, you can still do the USB mod if you want, you need to DIY a cable, using a DF13 plug on 1 side, and create a USB port on the other side.

This is a DF13 cable:

Here is the pinout of the port.

Changing from APM to PX4 is a good thing in one way, these boards are better, faster, and it is more future proof.
One big change is that APM boards have 8 bit processors, PX4 boards have 32 bit processors.


  1. That’s nice! How do I know if my upair is v4? My Upair does not have the usb port but has this socket in place. Thanks

  2. Nice info! I was just about to cry, as I found out, that mine didn’t have the USB. It has started to suffer from the “toilet bowl effect”. How to calibrate without the USB…?
    Mine is marked the UpAir 2 PX4 v1.2.00 2016Y 09M06D. Seems ti have memorycard though…

      1. I will for sure try that. Is it possible for you to post a picture, that points out the placement of the port you mention above ? Like an overview of the PCB ? Having troble finding it on mine…

        I have another issue. It won’t change videosettings. If I try to follow theese instructions (, my screen on the transmitter just freaks out, and I have to turn it off and back on again. Any ideas ?

        1. Yes, I heard that as well… looks like there is no way of changing the settings anymore. The port is, when you’re looking at it from the front, on the left side. I don’t have an overview of the board, but there is an UpAir logo on the board, it’s on the lower left of that

  3. i have a v4 board , are you sure this is the correct port/connector as there is one on the upper board near to the receiver board with 5 pins and some markings, txd, rxd and dtr some of these correspond to the pin out definitions on a mini usb . Has anyone connected a usb to the df13 connector and made it work, as im very interested..

      1. Thats very weird since in the world of electronics BLACK should be – Neg or earth and Yellow has always been an unmodulated Video signal… I would deffinitely check it as you say, or it could just be some sloppy soldering by a colourblind person 😎

  4. i crashed my drone and gimbal cables unplug, i have the Upair2 PX4 V1.2.00 on the board, can you help me with rewiring it? i have so far from the drone:

    Drone side
    Grey – Brown- x- Yellow-White- X – X – Black – Red

    White – X- X- Grey – X – X
    (those are the only one remaining).

    Any help will be highly apreciated!

    1. Just ordered 2 4p df13 cables from china for $1.39 on eBay to connect my UpAir One 4K PX4. I have downloaded all your Mission Planner settings here on your site.

      Can you please advise…

  5. Thanks for all the tips n tricks for the upair I bought the 2.7k version a few months ago and it has its issues right out of the box but it’s a great alternative to the phantom. I did the battery mod using a single multistar 5200 or the hubsan 7000 and it flies fine, 20min on the 5200. Machined a lipo door from pvc. The voltage sense seems to be off by 1v tho. It always tries to rtl after avout 5min of flight which is why I wanted to hopefully hook it up to mission planner and shut off the low voltage failsafe…my computer wouldn’t talk to the upair until I got the drivers from downloading qgroundcontrol…was able to connect and turn off that failsafe so hopefully it works and I can rely on my battery alarm and osd even though it reads incorrectly…anyways just a little about my upair thanks again!

    1. How did you connect qGroundControl to the PX4? I have the UpAir2 PX4 that appears to have an external USB port mounted on the left-rear leg. Did you connect there or connect with a df13 internally as D4L is talking about in this post? If you connected externally to the exposed port, what is the pinout of the port that you used? Thanks!

      1. Aviator67, if you are asking me I actually couldn’t use qgroundcontrol…the program won’t load on my computer for some reason but downloading it gave me the drivers I needed for mission planner to work. It’s funny how many different versions of the same aircraft there are. Mine on the board says “upair2 MB. V1.0.02” then a date stamp. It actually doesn’t say px4 or anything. I found out it was via youtube and after taking it apart and not seeing a usb… anyway I ordered the df13 pack of cables and made a converter as shown above wired exactly the same my wires colors are different bUT pinout the same. Plugged it into the open port on the board that is respectively toward the front left of the quad. It connected fine and allowed me to make my change HOWEVER after doing this I took it out to fly and it seems my right front esc has died which is part of the main board…no idea if it’s related but terrible coincidence…I have to send the upair back for warranty repair…tread lightly with the upair it’s rather sensitive

        1. Interesting, thank you. Yes, perhaps we have a different board. My board shows: “UpAir2 PX4 V1.2.00” Dated “2016Y 09M06D” Curious that they would date a build of the main board down to the day.

      2. Hi,
        I purchased a DF13 cable and received it yesterday.
        Unfortunately the connectors at the “landing gear PCB (USB-PX4)” are NOT DF13.

        Does anybody know the connector type and the pinout?

    2. Hi I noticed your post was sent in May 2017, Im just about to but the same model.. upair one 2.7K from Banggood… (Midnight tonight when my money goes in WHOOPEE) did you get yours from there too…. recently…. and does it have the extended usb socket on the landing gear on a male 4pin DF13? Either way I am ordering the cable at so I can solder a male usb to one end…. can plug straight into Computer. I too noticed that when you instal QGroundControl, Drivers for PX4 are downloaded and installed automatically

      1. I bought mine from amazon and mine did not have the port on the leg however I recently got another because my other was stolen and the new version of the same model does have the port on the leg however I haven’t tried to connect…

  6. Since it doesn’t seem exactly answered elsewhere in this thread, I’d like to confirm that the empty socket on the new UpAir One Plus model leg is indeed an extension of the internal USB port on the PX4. The pin-out is also exactly the same. Instead of dissembling the drone, this new external port can easily be used as the interface for Mission Planner and QGroundControl. I have successfully used the external port with both of these software applications. There are a few minor quirks and caveats with configuring and using the software that I’ll be documenting as soon as all testing has been completed.

    1. I connect an USB df13 adaptor to this port, board awakes, led blue solid and green blinks, all seems OK, but windows didnt recognizes the PIX4 board. Please help?

  7. Could someone that has successfully created a USB cable for the slot on the leg of the copter make a tutorial or at least post a pick of the pinouts on the leg. I know they should be the same as on the board but from the pic in this thread it is hard to know exactly which pin is which on the leg. For some reason the plug looks a little different to me on the leg. It may just be me I don’t know. Thanks.

  8. I buy an micro USB-I2C adaptor to DF13 especific for PIXHAWK, but the connector on the leg isn’t standard DF13, is smaller. Then I cut the cable and solder following the pinout of the picture above. The UpAir2 PX4 board starts to blinks. Blue led solid and gren leds blinking, also ESC leds solid, apears to be OK. But Windows didnt recognize the board. I download windows drivers from, but windows detects it as unknown device. Any ideas?

  9. Solved.
    Connecting directly USB cable to white cable from the port (picture above) following the pinout, now Windows detects board as PIXHAWK. Only I have to change baudrate from 9600 to 115200, after reboot Windows, I could connect to Mission Planner.
    (Sorry, I dont know how to upload pictures to this post)

  10. I have a new upair2 PX4 V1.2.00. Some how have lost the original mfr params file. Does someone have it?? any help appreciated

  11. Folks I have been having issues with My UpAir 2 PX4 V1.2.00. Still looking for original params file. original issue was could not get mode switch to do manual, pos hold and atl hold. Made changes in params and had lost manual and could not get it back. Working this I saw a mission mode come up but had never specified this. Now will not Arm. Again looking for help on arm issue

      1. Hi sorry for butting into this post but I to purchased a UPAIR ONE from G10 with the UPAIR2 PX4 V1.2.00 board and after my brother downloaded Qground control all i get when I turn on my controller know it first says looking for Ethernet then it blinks and shows what the camera sees and says “no data” and there is no OSD data on the screen, including the direction all I can do is move the camera and start and shut off the motors that’s it .
        I called G10 in china and they have been trying to fix it for a week over the phone but still have no clue on what to do and they gave up.
        Can anyone help or give me information on someone who might be able to.

        1. Hi,
          I have very bad expirience wit the G10 support … they don’t known nothing.
          Do you allready have connection to the board with qgroundcontrol.
          I had soe problems but now I got it.
          Seems there are no data from the controller …

  12. Hi, i tried to connect an USB Port (PX4 v 1.2) but i am not really successful..
    The small adapter on the leg and the cable to the PX4 really seems to be just an Extension so that looks good.
    But i cannot make my Windows PC to show an attached Pixhawk 🙁

    Did someone succeed to connect USB on the “leg Interface” and was the pinout the same ?
    If i measure the pins i can measure 3,3V and the like but i am not to sure…

    In other words:

    Heeelllpp 🙂


  13. Okay, gotit done ! It seems the Upair USB Port is very sensitive to USB cable length & Quality. I soldered a shorter & better shielded USB cable and now it works like a charm. BTW my Upair has a Baudrate of 500000 !!!


  14. Is there anyway to get the board that the motors are solder to? The part# 2016Y 09M06D. One of the motors won’t run after a crash. I know it’s the board because the motor right across from it was working and I solder it on the other side and vice versa and the motor that was working doesn’t work and the motor that wasn’t working does work. I don’t see anything physically wrong with the board. Is there anything I can do?

  15. Help me please upair one plus firmware fails when update qgroundcontrol please tell me link to download firmware upair one plus many thanks

    1. Has this been tested?
      I would love to put it on the site, but I will need to have an instruction how to install it, and someone that has tested this to see if the firmware actually works.
      Is that possible?

  16. Dear friends, I asked for a df13 card but when I arrived I saw that it does not fit in the drone card and a little bigger .. I am talking about upair one plus with px4 board ….
    I’ll have to open the drone and call the square.
    Can someone help me
    Thank yo

  17. Hello guta! So in the end, did someone had any luck in connecting the USB port from upair v4 to the pc? Can any one post some pictures with that? Thanks in advance!

  18. Hi there. I’m John. I bought the upair professional video drone and flew it for about 2 to 3 months, watched a video on youtube about it and to start the motors you can go down and in or down and out the video said,: okay so I did the one which was different from what I had been… I think I was going down and in and tried down and out on both sticks…anyway the drone tipped and the front propellers touched and I picked it up immediately to stop them from turning against the dirt….One of the motors stopped after something on the motherboard stopped working, I did the esc reset and tried another motor also…neither one of those worked….I got in touch with Alex Lee in chinas gten factory….he sent a replacement motherboard but it’s the wrong one its a px4 and I had the upair 2 v.1.0.02 the board he sent me is the upair 2 px4 v.1.2.00. Is there a way to make this one work? Does anyone know where to get this board? would anyone have a new one of the !.0.02 to trade for this brand new v.1.2.00 which I havent been able to use? P.S. Alex Lee doesn’t work at Gten China anymore and he was the only one whom I was able to get some help from. CAn anyone please help me? I really need a good if not new MB and will make an even trade for the px4 version for the previous version or if someone has one to sell or does anyone know how to get one? PLeease? Help anyone????

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