Upgrade motors in the UpAir

I have asked Gten what motors are fitted in the UpAir, and the answer was 2212 motors 920KV
That made me start to think about the next mod on my UpAir.

So I have ordered some red Racestar 2212 920KV motors from Banggood (LINK HERE)

And it was time to take apart the drone.. again 🙂

There is one major difference between stock motors and these, stock wires are coloured RED,YELLOW,BLACK and these Racestar motors have 3 black wires. It wasn’t hard to figure out what wire had to go where, they aren’t colour coded, but they come out of the motor in the same order as the coloured ones, and I connected them in that way.
I also have made plugs to the wires so that it is easy to swap a motor if needed in the future

Once all four corners have been changed I tested them for correct rotation before putting it all back together, and it was correct the first time.

All put back together she looks gorgeous!

After a ESC calibration I took it for a short flight, and it is as smooth as silk!

Look at it! it’s a beauty!


  1. Hello it’s me again,
    I loved reading your posts on the UpAir one and.

    I suddenly loose my FPV transmission to the controller and banggood says : We won’t help you. So I would like to ask to gten some help. How did you get the email of them. I can’t find it in the manual and there haven’t got any website.
    I would like to ask them something.

    Thank you by advance

  2. Hey ive made the classic mistake. I cut all the motors off and forgot which position is CCW or CW motors. Is there a way to find out?

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