UpAir One V4 Firmware upgrade

GTen has an update for the UpAir One V4 that has a PX4 board fitted.

this should help you fix problems with “No MAV Data” showing on your screen.

The update is easy, but be 100% sure your UpAir is a V4 with a PX4 board, it will not work on a V3 or older

They have written a simple manual how to do it, You can download the manual here

The firmware is available for Download here This is a ZIP file


  1. Dear friends can tell me how I know if my px4 and version 4 where I can see this.
    my board says upair2 px4 2016 v1.2.00

        1. Nope..
          The V1, V2 and V3 all had APM powered drone
          The V4 is a PX4 (Pixhawk) powered drone.

          All PX4 boards have PX4 printed on the board, all APM boards only have the version number.

  2. Does anyone know the connector to get for the UpAir One USB connector on the landing gear. I hear a lot about a DF13 connector is too big. I ordered one from Amazon that indicates it is to be used with the UpAir One PX4 with a USB extension connector on the landing gear. The picture is the same picture as posted on this site, but it is listed as a DF13 to be installed on the PCB. I am hoping that my cable has the correct connector. I will follow up when I receive it on 2/12/18

    1. * * * UPDATE * * *
      The cable I ordered is the correct cable to connect to the left rear leg (as seen from the backside). Gten sent me the latest firmware and instructions for the Upair One PX4. I was able to use the cable connected to the small DF13 connector and do the upgrade. The upgrade was simple. The file name of the firmware is nuttx-px4fmu-v4-upair-one-v2.0.10.px4.

      Thank you Grace from Gten!!!!

  3. Well, I did the “update” but this doesn’t seem to be a new firmware. The version shown by QGroundControl is still 0.3.7dev, the same version my drone came with a year ago.
    The git version mentioned in the firmware file itself says “v1.3.0rc1” which is a PX4 firmware released in May 2016.
    So I wrote a mail to GTEN and asked them several questions about this firmware release but I’m still waiting for an answer.

    1. Update: I’ve found another firmware file (v2.0.59.2) for the UpAir One and although the version number is higher it seems to be older than the v2.0.10 version linked above. All the version information in the file is the same except of the build date which is older in v2.0.59.2. That’s quite confusing…

      GTEN seems not to update version information when compiling new firmware releases. *sigh*

      1. Did you got that by Email…cause on their webpage, i cannot find any download for the UpAir’s (exept the manuals)

    1. I’ve downloaded the v2.0.59.2 firmware from a russian website. But as I wrote before, the v2.0.59.2 firmware seems to be older than the v2.0.10!

  4. I have the v2.0.10 (latest firmware according to Gten) for PX4 board. Could not upload it to this site. Error was that it thinks my post with the link to my file was spam.

  5. But the Version v2.0.10 is already in your ZIP-File!
    According to the install-document, ther emust be a version v2.0.46 already…so i guess, that Wayne Nakamoto information /Email from Gten is older !?
    I wrote yesterday (19.Feb2018) to Gten for the newest firmware. (Also for the Firmwareupdate for the Camera…cause it seems like, that nobdy knows if 2.7K Firmware musst be analog or digital…and lots of pilots killed their camera.


    1. When you look at the screenshots in the update manual, you’ll notice that the v2.0.46 is for the wifi (plus) version of the UpAir One. This won’t fit the normal PX4, I guess.
      Unfortunately GTEN didn’t answer my email, I’ve sent a week ago…

  6. Does anyone know what changes this firmware upgrade introduces? Is it just for the No MAV Data problem? If we don’t have that specific problem, is it worth doing an upgrade?

  7. Hi, i got a UPair One 2.7K for my photography business, never flew one before, couldnt get my Micro SD Card to work, and i ended up here, i think my SD Cardis too slow as it is quite old…. but after reading the posts i’ve taken the battery out to see what board it is etc etc… and it reads….UPAIR 2, PX4, V1.2.00…. The Camera which i havent been able record with yet has a USB slot below the SD Slot…. and there is a connection point on the inside of 1 of the legs, i thought they were the sensors etc…. Can anyone help please as these different things dont seem to be on the reviews etc prior to purchasing it…. also says nothing about any of this in the instructions

    1. Hi,

      The SD card should be class 10 minimum to get the best results.
      The USB port is there to download the pictures from the sd card without taking it out

      1. Ref the USB port on the camera: does anyone know what type of micro-USB it is (i.e. USB 2.0 micro B, USB 3.0 micro B, etc)?

  8. Help,

    I just received my Upair one 2.7, does not mention any calibration in the manual, when I tried to fly it I captured 6 satellites, but it went sideways and then it turned around and I could not turn it off, I had to turn off the battery, could someone help me?
    It seems dangerous to not turn it off.

    1. If you have Facebook, there is a UPAir group…you get help there.

      Your problem was, not reading manual!

      You need more than 9-10 satellites Bevor taking off!

      If you have the PLUS version…you need to calibrate first.
      Best regards

  9. Good afternoon sir. I really really need your help. I tried updating my firmware on my upair one plus now it wont let me calibrate horizon sensor it says check system boo. Motorswill not arm. I wasusing qgroundcontrol and mission planner. Please help i just want to fly again.

  10. The firmware does work and the USB port on the landing “leg” IS INDEED the port you need. If you have the USB port on the leg NO MORE opening up and DIY USB mod!.. All you need is ( this is what I used) a regular Samsung charger. I connected to qgroundcontrol and mission planner with my Samsung s7 charger, one end to the drone other end to the computer. Connected with no issues was able to calibrate drone change parameters EVERYTHING!…Now with that being said….does anybody have the parameters for the px4? LOL I moved some parameters and now my drone flips on take off. HELP!!!!!!

  11. Does anyone have orginal firmware an parameter for Upair one plus 4K. I just updated mine with above fimware and drone is going crazy after take off. i didnt tke any backup. i would really apprciate if anyone could help me . Thanks

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