UpAir One strobe mod

this is probably the coolest mod you can do to your UpAir.
Adding strobes makes it look a lot better.

I have bought 2 strobes from FLyTron, Click here for the strobes

My idea was to retrofit them in the UpAir, and replace the rear LED’s

First you need to open up the drone, and I have done that so many times, but if it is your first time have a read HERE how to dismantle it (it is in a post from another mod)

Now that the drone is in bits it is time to change the lights.

You can just click out the standard LED units, and undo the plug

I have cut off the plug, and soldered the wires to the UpAir harness, RED is positive and WHITE is NEGATIVE. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do it different.
The power from the LED feed is 5v, and the strobe LEDS need between 3v and 6v to operate, so there you can just connect it to the drone’s wiring.
The wiring of the strobe is: RED – Positive, BLACK – NEGATIVE, WHITE – NOT USED

The LED fits in the hole of the standard LED lights, I have used some hot glue to make sure it stays in place.

The strobes are now connected.
Test them before you put the drone back together, this is very important, otherwise you need to take it apart again to fix it.
If the strobes are working, put the drone back together and enjoy the coolest mod ever!


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