UpAir One smart battery custom battery panels

As you might have read, I have been painting my drone. It was bright white, and now it’s black and blue.
The batteries were still white, and since the weather is bad at the moment I thought it would be time to put some colour on them as well.

First I took of the front panels, they clip on so they come of easy.
Inside the panels you’ll see a transparent strip these are the indicators for the battery leds. they come off easy, and should be removed!
I left the button in, I thought it would look nicer.

After sanding the panels lightly with scotchbrite, I used some degreaser to clean them.
Then it was time for a layer of plastic primer, followed by navy blue

I let it dry for a few hours, once they dried I put back the transparent indicator strip (use a tiny bit of glue)
next I clipped the panels back, and it looked great, even with an out of focus photo


  1. Posted previously ‘re- the DF13 socket and cable required for usb mod. for upair one, eventually got the cable from banggood after 2 weeks,got it all installed after very much difficulty only to find that there is no driver a available! I have tried in vain to download a driver but no joy. It is apparently an arduino mega 2560 board in the drone but mission planner still does not connect as there’s no driver installed! Anyone have any answers?

  2. Yes according to program list all driver packages are present for mission planner but the problem seems to be the driver for the board in the drone. Device manager doesn’t even show a com port yet it shows the presence of the board- arduino mega 2560.????? Windows says it cannot find or require drivers for this application.?

  3. Hello , I don’t know if you could help me on this but my drone UpAir One battery do not charge any more my drone is brand new but I think the problem is the charger because boths battery small 1500 mah and the big one 5400 mah do not charge what do you think and what is my option ?


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