UpAir One Mods

Even though the UpAir One is a great drone out of the box, there are some ways to get even more fun out of it, and make it even that little bit better.

We are able to increase flight times, calibrate compass, change functions from switches, calibrate gimbal and a lot more.

The first mod you want to do if you ask me is the dual lipo mod.
This will make it possible to put 2x 4000 Mah batteries in the drone, and this will more than double the flight times.

everything about that mod can be read when clicking here
And if you want to see Mike Roy’s video about the mod Click Here

The second mod is the USB mod.
This mod is kind of hard to do, but it will make things even better than they were. the idea is to add an accessible USB port to the drone.

Why this mod?
You can calibrate the compass manually, and that is a great plus!
Also the accelerometer can be calibrated what results in a rock steady flight.

There is a micro USB slot inside, and it is not accessible for end users.
But,with taking apart the drone you can get access to it and with a USB data cable you can have an USB port externally.
I have done this, but even though the USB port is accessible, it is still invisible inside the battery bay.

Once the cable is in you can go on and connect it to mission planner.
First, Download mission planner right HERE

The drivers for the drone will be installed as well, don’t have the drone connected when you install Mission Planner!

Mission Planner Screen

In mission planner you have a ton of options to play around with.
Personally I only use it for the compass calibration, and calibrate it so that it is level again.

What ever you do, if you see Wizard, don’t use it.. it’s a mean and angry wizard that will magically mess up your whole drone, and if you don’t have a backup of the parameters you might as well bin it…
Or click HERE to download my standard parameters

Now, how can I do all this you think,

Mike Roy has made a great video how to disassemble the UpAir for this mod. to see it, click here
Also James Ingram has made a video of this right HERE

This gives you 2 different video’s of how to do this. Pick the one that helps you best.

Mike also has a great video of the use of mission planner as well
It’s right HERE

You can also change flight modes at the switches in Mission Planner.
James Ingram has made a great video of that. Find it HERE
One thing you could do if you like is add circle mode.
This is great if you want to 360 film yourself, or buildings
Again, James has made a video showing the mod at work
That video is right HERE

That’s all I have to cover at this moment,if you want to ask more questions about this, join me and a lot of other enthusiasts like James and Mike at the UpAir Facebook page 


  1. How do you insert your parameters, It seems I can use your help. I loaded the firmware. Now drone won’t start. I downloaded your parameters. I extracted them, I tried to load them but it is not working for me. It seems I have everything set except it won’t ARM.

    1. Hello kelly,
      for arming, test to push the left stick douwn and left, in place of down right. If it arm motors, it’s seem the parameter RC4_REV in mission planner is positionned to -1. Try it with 1 value.
      Check if you dont’t have other parameter in this situation.
      Excuse my inperfect English. I’m in France.

  2. Bonsoir,
    Mon upair ne fonctionne plus. Sur l ecran FPV jai le message “no mav data”. Le retour video marche mais aucunes commande donc pas de mise en route.
    Merci d avance pour vos aident.

  3. ..just upgraded my upair one (px4) gps module to an u-blox m8n.. will try flying it at this weekend… till now 10s 5-6 sat, 30s 12(inside/cold start).. and i´mlooking for pictures of connections of one plus version.. if someone could provide them, would be awesome.. i want to try adding additional wifi connection to a standart version… if possible… 😉

  4. Hello,
    What’s the max wind to operate the upair one v3 safely with GPS and not too much drifting ? I’ve tried up to 20km/h without problem.
    Thank in advance

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