The new UpAir 2

I have seen messages pop up on the internet that appear to be a new release from the Gten drone group.
Sounds of a new UpAir drone were already around, there is even a link on their site.

Now an image with specs appeared as well.
The specs as they are now are very intersting!
If this is true, it will have a 3D camera!!

The new generation of UPair drone will be available september/occtober 2017

UPair Two (3D version) in the pre-sale!
3 Axis Gimbal
Optical Positioning
3D + 4K Camera
1Km HD Wi-Fi Video Transmission
3Km Remote Control
20min Max Flight Time
4S Intelligent battery


  1. Hello, please forgive me if I ask this question in totally the wrong place but I am becoming desperate.

    I have an Upair One Plus 4k version 4 and the transmitter has failed (I bought it like this unknowingly) can I use any other transmitter with this drone or do I have to repair/replace the Upair transmitter.???

    Any help would be appreciated.


    1. I think you would have to change the reciever in the drone. I have a spare up air one controler since the POS drone flew away. Had two of them and problems with both. I sent the UpAir Plus back for a full refund. Get a Mavick!

        1. No the one i have is from the original up air one with the 7 inch display. I have that a brand new battery both chargers and some new props. If your interested. Sell it all fir $75.00 plus shipping cost.

          1. Hello Bryan, but the version one controller will not work so has no use to me. Further, the shipping cost from the USA to UK would make an additional obstacle

  2. Hi drone drives! I do have a Q? For u do u know where I can get the usb cable 4 calibration my camara gimbal fro my drone upair one 2k , also where to buy the gimbal camara beside g10. Thanks luis

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