Stress crack repair Phantom 3 standard

I have been reading a lot about stress cracks in the body of the Phantom 3.
There have been many, many posts about it, and there are also many different things in the market that all say they prevent cracks.

I have been flying my Phantom 3 Standard a lot, I have done way over 100 flights, none of those flights had a problem.
But yesterday was different.

I was out and about for some boring photo’s, and after I had finished the flight I went home.


I did my checks, as I always do after a flight, and I found that I had a crack in my shell.
It’s only one crack, and as far as I can see it is not a major issue yet.

I still cannot understand how this happened, I have the reinforcement plates installed since about my 20th flight, and still I have a crack.

Instead of shipping it to DJI, I have done the fix myself, and I have strengthened the body as well!

Make sure you have the right tools to start the job, there are a lot of screws, and all have different sizes.

Taking apart the shell is pretty easy, and I have used this video to guide me through the process.

Once the shell was separated and the internals were removed it was time to fix the crack.
I have put all the other parts in a box for now to keep them safe.
If you only want to repair a crack there is no need to remove any of the electronics, you only need to remove the top shell and the motors.
I have taken everything out because I also wanted to paint the drone.

But instead of doing it at the outside I did the repair on the inside.
I have also reinforced the motor mounts to prevent future cracking by putting glue under the mounts, and put baking soda over it to improve and strengthen the fix, the baking soda adds body to the glue, and makes it rock solid in seconds.
You can also use products like JB Weld or Supa-Fix, these products do exactly the same.

I forgot to make a picture of the internal strengthening, but it pretty much looks like this.

I left that to dry for a few hours and after that I have painted the drone as well.
More on that in this post
This fix is tough and should hold forever, and there will be no more cracks!

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