Storm32 3 axis gimbal mod for UpAir One

The UpAir is a great drone, but it only has a 2 axis gimbal, It would be even better when it had a 3 axis gimbal.

Good news, that is possible!!

Get yourself a Storm32 3 axis Gimbal (get one here if you like)
And a Firefly 6S camera (Get one here if you like) it comes with an AV cable as standard.

The only downside is that you will lose the photo and video buttons, you need to set the camera to record before you take off.
But you can always take screenshots from the video, they might even be better than the photo.

The Storm32 will fit on the mounting plate that is on the upair, the dampeners fit straight away without changing anything at all

This is the drawing I have used to connect everything.

After I had studied that it was time to do the surgery.

You need to cut off the standard connector and solder the new wires on.
All wires are used, except the blue one. I have tried to see what the bue one does, but it does not activate photo or video mode on the Firefly camera. I have disabled that wire, and is not used.

Orange is video signal from the drone, connect that to the yellow from the AV cable, red is 11,1 volts to power the gimbal, black in ground.
Green is the pitch signal from the controller!

The green pitch wire is connected to the RC0 connector on the gimbal (this is the RED wire in the picture, can be any colour you want to use as long as it is connected to the green wire from the drone.

Once you have all these wires connected you can attach the gimbal, and it should work straight away.
The configuration can be done with the software available here. And if that software doesn’t work check here, on the first page of the RC groups page are a lot more downloads. I had to get the 0.80 version to get mine to work.

If all of that is installed you might want to check this movie how to configure the gimbal.

And if all went good you will have a great working gimbal under your UpAir, and you made a great drone even better!

Here are some video’s showing my mod.


  1. Do you keep the fpv transmission with this mod ?
    And the pitch control ?
    I know its written a little bit higher but i prefer to ask to be sure.

    Thank you very much

      1. My fpv and camera stop work i think something is brd how can i fix it for the camera and fpv can work again ?

  2. Does the photo shoot of this upair one support geotag? (GPS coordinates in the jpeg file).
    Thank you very much

  3. Very good information and i’m going to mod my up air but I’ve got one question. Does this also work with other camera models like a GoPro or a newer version of the hawkeye firefly serie?

  4. I did everything you did. Gimball works but osd does not show altitude, time, voltage on the screen. why could it be ? I’m waiting for your help, thanks

  5. Hey dude this guide was really helpfull but can you make a video where you show how to do or at least explain which cable i have to solder and what I have to connect step by step? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      I don’t have the UpAir anymore, but if you follow the coulours from the first drawing you should be fine.

      This is made for the V3, not sure if newer models have the same connections.

  6. I have the v4 so hope it has the same connection. Oh and do you remeber if I have to attach a av port to the orange cable (the video one) or it comes with one itself

  7. I have an older 2 connector gimbal on my UpAir Plus. Is the newer 3 connector gimbal compatible?
    Any help would be appreciated!

  8. Can I do this mod with a UPAir Plus 2 connector gimbal? I guess I have an older version. My camera only has 2 connectors.

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