Skins for your drone

As you know, I like to personalise things.
Standard is boring, and things are so much nicer if you give it a personal touch.
Of course the footage that comes from the drone is more important than how it looks, but both is better!

I have spraypainted the UpAir drone a while ago.

Now I have also put a skin on my Phantom and Mavic.
I think both look awesome!

This is the skin of the Phantom.
I have ordered it from a local shop here in Holland, but you can get them everywhere!

And this is how it looks “in the wild”
Yes, I have also DYE’d the props, one set purple, one set blue.

This is how the Mavic looks now.


  1. Do you know a skin stickers for Upair One or if there is a way to do the same as the mavic ? Thanks by advance

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