S550 Hexacopter build

Building my own drone was something on my list, and I ordered all the parts needed to build one.
After a long wait because they were sent on the slow boat from China, I could finally start the build.

The box everything was in was not big at all, but it had everything I needed in it.

After getting all the tools sorted it was time to start building.
There was no manual, so I had to find everything out myself, but it is pretty straight forward.

There is not much soldering to do, only the power distribution board and the plugs for the motors (unless you choose to use ESC’s that already have plugs attached)

Once the soldering is done it was a matter of putting all the parts together.
Since there was no manual it was a bit of trial and error with the arms, but after one evening the drone was put together.

I have also got the FLySky FS-i6s transmitter, but I am still waiting for it to be delivered.
The drone has been configured in Mission Planner, and all looks good, but I still need to wait for the maiden flight.
As soon as I have the transmitter I will add the rest to this post, including configuring the drone to work with the transmitter, and of course the maiden flight!

For now it looks like this

It will be continued as soon as I have the transmitter, then I can also check the motor rotation and finish the motor wiring.

If you want to build your own hexacopter, here is my parts list (click on the parts to see them)

Drone kit


Buzzer and indicator

MinimOSD module

APM Power Module

Phoneholder for transmitter

FPV Transmitter

Storm32 3 axis gimbal


AV Cable for camera (For FPV Usage)




  1. Although the APM is old technology it’s a nice stable flier. Looking forward to the maiden flight and video.

  2. Hi, I would like to know how much flight time this drone has. (please specify if it is with or without the gimbal and the camera)

      1. Thanks for your quick response just another quick question how much doe the drone weigh approximately?

      1. Ok thanks I wanted to know because in the future I will have to be able to follow a drift trike i made with a friend.

  3. Hi there
    I just read your post on the s550 Hex build. I was just wondering would you have an exact list of the types of motors you used? ESC’s and all the other parts i just see the transmitter etc….

    Great build!!

    1. I am wondering the same thing. I built this almost exactly, but have yet to get it in the air. I am having issues with the motors, ESC, or flight controller. Not sure which one it is though. The motors and ESC’s all work fine individually, but when hooked together the ESC’s heat up and only a couple of the motors spin

  4. Hi, what do you think is the best choice? I’d like to start drone photography but I don’t know if I should build this drone or buy a done like the Xiaomi mi drone or even maybe the phantom 3 standard. But what would you recommend?

    1. Depending on the camera you choose this drone can be good or bad.
      It’s very stable, way better than a quadcopter, but the camera takes care of the images, so that is what you want to pay attention to.

      It is a lot more work to get it good, but once you do it is very good!

      1. Thanks, I think I would use the same camera as you or an eken camera. But my biggest concerns were the stability and the flight time.

  5. Hi got the same build and so far so good. One question though, did you power your gimbal and transmitter through the pdb or through the apm?

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