Revell NanoHex review

Santa gave me a Revell NanoHex, and here is my little review.
The contents of the package are: The Hexacopter, a remote, charging cable, instruction manual, and a spare set of propellers.

This review is not long, there is not that much to tell, other than that this is a great toy.
I have a lot of fun flying it! I would highly recommend.

I have already flown the hexacopter a few times before this review, and one thing that is not as good as it should are the propellers.
These are very breakable, and as soon as you hit something they break.
I have enough aftermarket spare propellers, and these last a lot longer.

That is why I have all kind of coloured props on.

But out of the package it comes with 4 black, and 2 white propellers… white ones indicate front of the craft.

This little drone is a great little toy.
It maneuvers great, and it doesn’t fly too fast, do it is easy to handle/
The only downside on the handling is the stiff controls.
The controls have a lot of resistance, and personally I don’t like that.

The controller has all the buttons it needs.
2 sticks for flight, an on/off switch and 2 sliders to fine tune drift.
On top are also 2 fake buttons, these don’t work!

Flying time is around 3-4 minutes, and after around 20 minutes charging you’re ready to go for a new flight.
The drone can take a lot of impact, the propellers don’t!

There is not much more to say, if you want a great toy for the winter months, than this is the one to buy.
I wouldn’t try it outside, it weighs nothing, and the wind can take it out to play as well, I don’t want to lose it.

Here is a little movie of the drone. it’s great for indoors!


If you want to have ea little hexacopter for indoor use as well, have a look here, there are a lot of types to choose from. even with a camera

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