Revell Nano Hex, not as good as it looks

As you might have read on the site, I have bought myself a Christmas present, the Revell Nano Hex.

At first it seemed a nice little drone to fly for the cold and windy winter months.
I have done a review of it, I was very excited!

Too bad, the winter lasts longer than this drone did.
It’s been 2 weeks now, and the drone is already a paper weight.
1 motor is not spinning anymore, and the sounds that come from the drone are scary.

There is hardly any response to the inputs of the controller, and it is going all over the place.
at 1 point it nearly hit my head, and that was the point I decided to stop flying it.

So, if you are thinking of buying this drone, think again! it’s not expensive (€15,-) but it is a waste of money if it’s already broken after 2 weeks.


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