Replace an UpAir One motor

Before you think that this is an easy job, be advised that you have to take apart the complete drone!
There is no soldering required! The motor is soldered, but I am going to use connectors instead as I have heard that soldering on this board is not advisable.

I have had a bad CCW motor from day 1, and it took me a while to get it replaced under warranty, but I got one finally.

Taking apart the drone is not hard, but you need to take time for it.
Before you start take the gimbal off, take it out off the dampers and remove the cable carefully!

Once that is done we can start with taking apart the drone.
First you need to remove the propellers if they are still on, and put the drone on it’s back.
Now take the antennas out of the legs, and remove the plug from the compass.

Now you need to take all screws out. there are 7 screws on every leg
4x for the motor
1x for the navigation light
2x for the landing gear.

When all the screws are out, you still have 2 to take out, and they are in the battery bay.
These are a bit hard to get to, but you can unclip the underside first. This creates just enough room for a small screwdriver to fit in.
All screws in the drone are allen, except these two, these are cross heads.

When you have them out you can start taking apart the two halves.
There is not much resistance, and the parts should come apart easy.
Beware not to pull if off just yet, there are still wires attached to the navigation lights.

Unplug these 4, and gently lift the upper half, you’ll see that there are still 2 wires attached, these are the gimbal power/camera feed and the FPV transmitter power/feed.  the gimbal cable comes out because you have already unplugged it when you removed the gimbal. the transmitter cable needs to be unplugged and then you can take the top half off.

Gently feed the antennas through the holes!!

When you have split the two halves it should look something like this.

Now take the top half, and make sure what motor to change.
Once you’re sure which one you need to replace cut the wires.

Now you can take out the motor from the frame.

Now attach either the male, or the female part to the wires

Put the new motor in it’s place, and feed the wires as they were before, and attach the other half of the connector pair to the motor.

Now put everything in it’s place, there is room enough.

Once you have done this you can put the drone back together, it is the reverse of taking it apart.
Just make sure there are no wires stuck between the two halves when you put them back.

Once the drone is back together you should calibrate your ESC’s
This video shows exactly how to do this.

Happy flying!


  1. I was able to replace the motor without removing the entire body it actually was quite easy. First i removed the screws from all four motors and then very carefully using a non marring hand tool i spread the arm of the motor i was replacing cut the wires still holding the arm open while connecting the connectors then put wiring back snug. But have to be veey careful in not damaging the plastic then resecure all the motors and good as new for future ref

  2. Hi, could you tell me what size and length the 4 motor screws are please as am looking to fit some prop guards to mine but not sure of the screw size.

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