Remove Altitude restriction for Hubsan H501 S/A/C

Many times I get asked… is there a way to remove the altitude restrictions?
To be very honest.. I don’t want you to, only because there are rules that we should respect.

But then again, why should your drone be restricted?
So the answer is Yes, you can! and you can do it on the H501S H501A and H501C

I have found a way to remove this restriction, and your maximum height is based on the range of your signal.
This is a mod I have not designed myself, nor did I make the video.
All credits go to Mechanic_x3mal.

This mod is only tested in firmware versions: 1.1.11, 1.1.17, 1.1.21, 1.1.22, 1.2.3 and 1.2.6
It might work on other versions, but that is up to you to test, and if it works let me know!
All the tested firmware and required tools can be downloaded right here: Download firmware needed

Once you have all the software it is time to mod the firmware.
Have a look at this video, it is VERY easy to do!

By setting the max altitude string to 0 you remove the limitation.
Please do not change any other setting, this could mess up your drone and you might even crash it!

Be advised that this might harm your warranty with Hubsan, and you certainly are breaking rules in most, not all countries. Fly responsible!


    1. I have heard that this option is not available for the newer firmwares.
      SO I don’t think it will work on the SS unless you downgrade, but that is not advisable since the firmware can cause all kinds of issues on newer boards.

      1. I’ve heard that the changes are not remove when you change firmware version, so you could feasibly downgrade your firmware, make all desire changes with the tool, then upgrade back to the firmware you had.

  1. Good evening. I have the H501s v1.3.3 and would like to change a couple of the parameters. I downloaded the site and plugged my unit into my pc (windows 10). It says connected however when I click “get parameters” nothing happens. I repeat this over and over again but same thing happens. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.

    Sincerely, Tony

  2. Hi, Yes I downloaded that mod tool too.I have a h501ss standard and the advance.When I hook up the standard It worked fine but when I hook up the advance I click on get parameters nothing happens.I tried reinstalling the mod with negative results.I too am in the dark with this.

  3. I have a new delema, I talked a friend into buying an H501 s X4 FPV and it wa working great. Today he showed me the the RTH don’t work any more. The drone goes up to height and then stays there. It don’t come back. Only when the transmitter is shut off will it return. All other functions work OK. Any suggestions?

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