Phantom 3 Black and Silver edition

As you might have read on the site my Phantom suffered from stress cracks in the body.
I have made a post to help you fix that

But since the drone was in bits I decided to paint it as well.
I never liked the white shell, and my choice was to make it flat black instead.

Painting a drone is pretty easy, and I have already discussed that before.
The drone was different, but the basics are exactly the same!

First I took the drone apart and put all the electronics in a box to keep them safe

Next I took off all stickers and degreased the shell.
I have used some Scotch Brite to sand the shell. Sanding improves the bite of the paint!
Once that was done I have prepared the shell with some plastic primer, and once that was dried I have painted it black and left it to dry for a few hours before putting it back together.

The results are simply awesome, and I think it looks a LOT better in black!


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