My thoughts about the JJRC H36

I think we all heard about Tiny Whoop drones.
There are many knock offs around that have the same look.

I have ordered the JJRC H36 last week because I wanted to know how a drone like this would fly.
If you want one, And I think you will! here are some links.

This is the drone in blue and grey
These are spare batteries

Now I have received it, and I was great fun unpacking it.

The box itself is very small.

And after opening everything is there!

There is a drone, a controller, a spare set of propellers and a charger.
The battery is already in the drone!

After unpacking I have charged the battery, that only took 20 minutes!
Having said that, the battery is only 150 Mah

The thing that makes this mini drone stand out from other mini drones is, that apart from the great crash protection, you can actually exchange the battery! If you order 1 or 2 extra batteries that only cost €2,- a piece, you will have extra fun without having to wait for the battery to be charged.
Other mini drones have built in batteries that cannot fly when you are charging.

The remote is small, but it is not bad at all.
It has the standard controls you need to fly it, and a On/Off switch

It also has trim buttons to adjust drifting (this one did not drift at all)
On the right top is a button to do flips, and on the left top is the speed button that you can press to choose between 2 speeds.
There is also a button to activate headless mode ( I won’t use that, I think it is useless mode)
Finally there is a return to home button, and that did not work well, I have tried it 3 times!

The battery just slides in the belly of the drone, and a simple plug puts the drone under power.
There is no switch, and as far as I think it’s not needed, the plug is good enough.

Once the drone is powered on you switch on the remote, and after you have moved the throttle up and down the controller has a bind with the drone and you’re good to go.

Flying it is very easy, it’s not too quick, and everyone can handle this drone, even my 7 year old daughter has no problems flying it forwards and backward through the living room.
The drone is very silent, and that is something I like, especially when flying indoors.
Maneuverability is great, and jaw is nice and fast so that you can quickly correct the drone.

I could fly it close to 8 minutes on a charge which is nice considering it only has a 150 MaH battery.
Charging the battery again after I flew it took almost 30 minutes and that is not bad at all.

There is also a lot of spare parts available for this drone like motors and frames, and that is good in case you crash and want to repair it.

All in all I think this is the best indoor and learner drone at this moment.
The Syma X5 is a great learner, but I think this is even better! and it only costs a 3rd of the price of a Syma.
I have a blue one, but is is also available in grey as well
If you want one, And I think you will! here are some links.

This is the drone in blue and grey
These are spare batteries
And here are spare parts

Some pictures to show this great little drone.


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