MJX r/c Bugs 8 review

MJX r/c Bugs 8 review

The all new Bugs 8 has landed, and I have been flying it the last couple of days, and what a load of fun it is.
For this review I got the Bugs 8 with camera, screen and goggles.
Standard the package comes with a drone and controller only, and the camera, screen and goggles are option.

If you want to see the video review, then please have a look here, but if you want to read carry on on this page.

The contents of the package are very complete!
It also has an extra set of propellers. there is also a standard USB balance charger for the LiPo, but I would recommend to use a better charger like the iMax B6 or similar if you have that, this is better for the life span of the LiPo, and the LiPo is charged a lot faster as well. The standard charger does what it has to do, it charges the battery.

What catches the eye is the build quality of the drone.
It is a very sturdy and good looking drone. With a bit of fantasy you can even see a bug in it as well 🙂 It is a 250 model, so 250mm from one end to another.

You can get the Bugs 8 in stylish black, or sporty red

All electronics are nicely packed in the fuselage, and are safe in case of a crash.
The fuselage also has space for the optional camera.

The drone is powered by a 2s 1300mAh 25c LiPo that is able to fly the drone for about 12 minutes at full power, the lipo slides in under the drone and has a XT30 plug.

The remote is big, but it is easy to hold.
There are 2 sticks to control the drone, and there are a few switches to finetune the drone.
on top there are 4 buttons.
The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included.

On the left side you have the red start/stop button and the Low/High speed button

The start/stop button is a great function, and it only works when the throttle is fully down.
Here is a video how to operate the start/stop button.

If you want to do tricks this function is not handy at all.
Doing tricks sometimes require killing the throttle completely, and that is not possible with the Bugs 8.

The Low/High speed button controls how fast the drone can fly.
Standard it is always in high speed mode. so even when you select low speed, as soon as you switch off the drone and power it back on, high speed is selected again.

On the right side of the controller you have 2 buttons as well.
One is to do 360 flips, the other one is to take photo/video

Flips are easy to do.. you fly forward, backwards or sideways.. and during that you press the flip button. the drone will do one 360 flip.

The photo button has 2 functions. and you will need the optional camera to use this function.
Press it short, and the camera will make 1 photo, press it long and video recording will start.
Remember to STOP the video before you pull out the battery otherwise your video will be corrupted.

The drone has a very handy low battery warning.
This is a beeping sound that comes from both controller and drone.
Be sure to land within 2 or 3 minutes, otherwise the motors will stop.

Here is a video when the low battery warning is active, you will hear beeps coming from the drone and controller
It also shows what happens when you don’t power off the drone and keep it running, In the video I have powered on the drone after I had landed it with battery running low. I started it, and left it running until it shuts down automatically.

The motors powering the drone are 1600KV brushless motors in plastic casings.
This great to reduce weight, and adds to flying time and speed.


The Bugs 8 also has the option to add a camera. The lens of the camera can be moved up and down. this is a great option.
if you are just cruising you can have the camera horizontal, but if you want to race you can put it all the way up so it still shows you everything around you at full speed.
The lens is movable by hand, and not on the controller, so you need to adjust it before your flight.
The camera has a SD Card slot to record the photo’s and videos.
Downside to the location of the slot is that the SD Card is hard to get out, I have fairly thick fingers, and I am not able to grab the card with my fingers.

The camera is connected to the board, and will send out images via a 5.8 ghz transmission signal, the drone has a 500mw transmitter, the signal will reach well over 300 meters.
the optional screen has a built in 5.8 ghz receiver and is capable to show the images from the camera on the screen.
The screen is very bright, and it is big enough to use.
Since it has it’s own 5,8 ghz receiver you can also use it with different drones that use this frequency.

The screen can also be used in the optional goggles.

There is a slot that is made to fit the screen.

The screen slides in with a little bit of resistance, but fits great.

Inside the goggles is a magnifier, this is to make sure you will have a full and great image in front of you.

I haven’t and will not try the goggles. I have tried this once before and I get very dizzy using goggles, and I get very disoriented.
They might be very good for you, but it’s up to you to decide.
Since the screen has it’s own 5,8 ghz receiver you can also use the goggles with different drones that use this 5,8 ghz frequency.

 My verdict:

The bugs 8 is a great and easy drone to fly.
In high speed it is capable of doing speeds up to 80 km/h or 50 mph, if that is too much you can select the low speeds setting which makes it even easier to fly.
I have flown many drones, and the Bugs is probably the easiest none gps drone to fly. I had a syma as well, but the Bugs is heavier and more powerful, this makes controlling it a lot better.
The drone is very agile, reacts very quick to stick inputs and is great to start with if you are new in racing.
it can go pretty fast, but you can also cruise it along if you like.
The camera is okay, image transmission is fast without lag and that adds to the fun of fast flying.
The video’s and photo’s are not the best quality, but the video’s are great to share all of your racing skills.

12 minutes of flying is pretty good for a 2s battery.

I don’t know why they are selling the camera and screen seperate, but the drone flies great without them, and you can even fly the drone around 2 minutes longer without the camera. the camera is nice to have to record and show off your racing skills.

The goggles fit great! they are big, but not too heavy and the straps can be adjusted to fit any head. The padding is nice and soft.
I am new to race drones and goggles, so I only flew it in a straight line between some trees, and that went very good!
Have the screen in front of your eyes without destruction of your surroundings is great, and it is very easy to control the drone.
The image is very clear, and you can see more than enough details.
I will do some more practising for sure! even when you are new to goggles it is a great drone! this drone is surprise over surprise!

If you are new to flying a drone, this drone is great to start with, but be aware of the speed it can reach, flying it in the LOW setting is probably better then.
I have never raced a drone, but I am used to high speeds with my Phantom. this great Bugs drone makes flying at high speed a lot more fun, it is faster than my Phantom, and since the Bugs is completely without GPS and things it is so much more fun to fly it at high speed.
If you want to to record video and photo you might have to think again, the camera is great to record the flight, but for scenery video’s you might want to choose something else.
The sturdy build is great, I have crashed it at full speed in a field, and there was no damage at all, put it back on it’s feet and I was off again.

Sturdy build
Speed selection
Plastic motor casings
Easy to fly

Optional camera
Optional screen
Optional goggles
Throttle cannot be killed, hard to do tricks
Hard to reach SD slot in the camera

Here it is in action:

The bugs 8 will be available soon! and links will be on this site as soon as it is for sale.


  1. Thank you for this great review, and I hope this one will be available soon. Looks a lot lile the B6 right?

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