Mirror a Phantom 3 (s or se) feed to an Apple TV 2

Some DJI models like the Phantom 4 Pro have a HDMI out, that is an easy way to connect a TV or other display to the video feed.
But what if you don’t have that? What if you don’t even have a DJI drone? And what if you want to show your live feed to friends or family, or you want to use a larger diplay at a demo?
If your drone, and that doesn’t have to be a DJI, uses WiFi to stream the feed, and if you have an AppleTV somewhere you might be lucky.
I am going to show you how to mirror the display from your iOS device to an AppleTV

What you need:

  • Apple TV 2 or higher
  • Television with an HDMI port

I am using a Apple TV 2 for this, and an old TV to show how it works.

The AppleTV 2 is an older model that requires the iOS device and AppleTV to be in the same WiFi network.
Newer models like the AppleTV 3 use peer to peer streaming, and don’t need to be connected to WiFi at all to be able to stream.
This tutorial works if you use a Phantom 3 Standard or SE, it also works if you have any other make of drone that uses WiFi to transmit the video feed. In the end of the post there is a tutorial how to connect a different DJI drone that doesn’t use WiFi to stream the video feed.

How to connect:

I am using my Phantom 3 Standard to show you how to do it, please refer to the manual of your drone to see how to connect to WiFi.

First, and that is very important for a Phantom 3 S or SE, start up the drone and connect like you are used to.
This makes sure that your iOS device is the master and receives the feed, any other device will be a slave device and will not receive a feed, and that is just fine.

Start the DJI Go app.

Once everything is ready it is time to connect the AppleTV
Start up your TV and AppleTV and navigate to the menu where you connect to WiFi networks
From the list choose the name of your drone, select it and enter the password.

Once the AppleTV is connected to the WiFi of the drone you can mirror your screen.
Screen mirroring is a standard function in any iOS device, and it can be accessed by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards.

Once you see this screen tap screen mirroring and a dialog pops up and the iOS device starts looking for an AppleTV

When an AppleTV is found tap it and the iOS device will connect to the AppleTV.
As soon as you are connected the iOS device will start mirroring to the AppleTV and the feed is visible on the television that is connected.

Everything you see on your iOS device is visible on the TV, even the sound from the iOS device is transferred to the TV.

That is it, that is how you can connect your AppleTV and show the feed on a large screen.

If you have a drone like the DJI Mavic that doesn’t use WiFi to stream the feed you cannot use the AppleTV 2
Instead you need to use a TV3 or newer to do this.
As said before, the newer models use P2P streaming and don’t need to be connected to any network at all.
Teh AppleTV 2 is not capable of this.

To connect to an AppleTV 3 or newer please follow these steps.

  • Turn off WiFi on your iOS device, but not on the AppleTV
  • Enable Bluetooth on both your iOS device and your Apple TV.
  • Swipe up with your finger from the bottom of the iOS device to open control center.
  • Tap the screen mirroring button and wait for the iOS device to find the AppleTV
  • Once found, tap the AppleTV found, and the stream will start straight away

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