Master Airscrew stealth propellers for DJI Mavic Pro

I have been flying my DJI Mavic pro for almost 3 years now, and I must say that it is a very good drone, even today.
It still is the best when it comes to portability. The camera is great for everyday shooting.

When the model was introduced it had a standard set propellers, and that was it.
Personally I don’t really care about noise, but there were also people that said that the Mavic was somewhat noisy.
Of course there were aftermarket solutions available after a short time, but that is something I normally don’t do

Mavic Pro Platinum

Not long after the original Mavic Pro was introduced DJI came with an upgraded version, the Mavic Pro Platinum.
The ESC’s were different and the motors and propellers as well. The Platinum was a real upgrade when you look at the overal noise produced. The Low Noise propellers could also be used on the Mavic Pro, and that helped a bit with lowering noise coming from the propellers, at least that is what DJI claimed.

The main difference between the propellers is the way they are shapes. The wing tips made the propellers sound different and make less noise They were also slightly longer.

Mavic Pro Propeller compare

I have a set of Low Noise propellers (review here) as well, and I must say that the noise isn’t all that different. They make a bit less noise but nothing spectaculair.
Another thing that was a problem for me is that the IMU is constantly reporting excessive vibration (continuous blinking yellow light) when flying. This stops when hovering though.

This made me not use the low noise propellers anymore, I was not sure if the vibration could cause any harm to the structure of the drone.

Master Airscrew

Master Airscrew Propeller pouch

Master Airscrew, an American company, are know for their specialism in making propellers.

They have been around for a long time, and they know a thing or 2 about propellers. They have many types of propellers, for many different aircraft like heli’s, racers, etc. And now they also have a set propellers for the DJI drones.

I have been watching reviews on Youtube, and I had a hard time deciding if they were better or not.
One reviewer says they are great, the other is neutral, and some other guy said that they aren’t good at all.
Normally I don’t like after market things, especially not on my expensive drones, but Master Airscrew have been around longer than DJI and, well, that made me decide to get me a set and try them out for myself.

The propellers are better compared with the low noise, and the original propellers, at least that is what Master Airscrew says. On every video I have seen, I noticed a difference in the way the props work and sound.

Time to find out!

I use my done a lot for real estate, and I do hover a lot, and that is where the props make a difference.
When flying you also notice a difference, the drone reacts better to the inputs, and is also a lot quieter than with standard propellers.

The Master airscrew propellers are completely different when you compare them top the original propellers. The base of the propeller is a bit wider and the propeller has a little bended tip. This tip reduces noise a lot!

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

If you compare the center piece you also see a difference. the Master Airscrew is bigger and the blades have bigger mounting points.

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

The propellers fold nicely, and very smooth.

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro
Compared to the original prop, the Master Airscrew prop is more flexible than the stock prop but, they also scratch a lot easier than the original props.
Personally I don’t care a bout a few scratches, I have my drone to use it, not to show it off and when the blades are spinning you don’t see the scratches.
If you look at the below pictures you see the scratches on the props.

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

But apart from scratching I think these propellers are really good. The propellers do sound different, and the hovering RPM is also lower. in flight the propellers are running on a lower RPM as well, this has everything to do with the bigger blades. These blades provide more lift, reducing power needed which increases the overal flight times by up to 3 minutes.
The only thing that I think is not right is the naming of the propeller.
They call is stealth.. and that is not true! The propellers still makes noise, and that is normal. They are all but stealth. If you want to fly stealth you need a heliumballoon 🙂

I must say that I still use the original batteries. My batteries have over 100 charges on them and overal remaining power is around 80%. Still I can get more flight time out of my batteries with these propellers.

Master Airscrew props can be bought online directly through their website, but they also sell over Amazone.
If you’re curious, get a set. You can even personalise your done with these props since they are available in White, Orange and Black!
Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro

Master Airscrew Propeller for DJI Mavic Pro


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