Live stream to your Facebook page

Every DJI owner knows that the DJI Go app has a great function, live streaming to your favourite social media like Youtube or Facebook.

Streaming to Facebook is one of our favourites! But did you know you can also stream to your own Facebook page?
It is actually very easy, and it is possible with both DJI Go 3 and DJI Go 4

First you need to open your Go app

Once the app is opened press the 3 dots in the right top corner …

Then press the 3 dots all the way down (blue in the picture)

Now select “Select live broadcast platform”

In the next page you will have a few options, in this case we are selecting Facebook.

Now you will get the screen where you can start your livestream, click “Go Live” (you won’t be live just yet)

Now tap on your name (red arrow)

Now you will see the page, or pages you own, tap on the page you want to stream to.

Now you have selected your page to stream to, Type a description of your video, and tap “Go Live”

The countdown will start and you are streaming to your Facebook page.


  1. Greetings. I’m sorry to bother with a stupid question, but I recently bought a Hubsan h502c GPS x4 star. And I would like to know why when I connect it to my windows 10 laptop via USB it keeps saying not recognised.

  2. Hi I believe this is a solution only for iphone. Please could you confirm if it is for Android too as it’s not working for me. Nothing happens when you click on your name or photo to show you the pages

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