JJRC Elfie

Selfie drones are hot, and JJRC have made a great selfie drone to try out this great new way of droning.
Images are pretty good, and it is cheap enough to try it! And that is what I have done!

This great drone is available in black, and soon also in pink! (pre order)
You can get the black one here.
And the pink one is right here.
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The box it comes in is small, and light but very sturdy.
After opening the box there was 1 thing that was “missing” and that was the controller.

Yes, this drone is app controlled, and requires an app from JJRC to control it (download link under this post)
The package holds:
– Drone
– Spare propellers and gears
– USB charger
– 3.7v 500MaH LiPo battery
– A pouch
– A manual in English

Before we can fly we need to download the app (links under this post)
The app is available for both Android and iOS

Once the download is done we’re going to prepare the drone for flight.
The battery compartment under the drone slides open and gives access to just enough room for the LiPo.
The connection is a bit hard to reach, but not impossible.

Once the battery is is in slide back the door.
The arms with the propellers are folded away under the drone, and they open up easy.

On top of the drone is a simple big on/off button. 1 press is enough to power it up.

there are 2 bright white LED’s in the front, and 2 bright red LED’s in the rear, so you can’t go wrong on front and back

Now it is time to connect to the drone via WiFi.
Open the WiFi settings on your phone, or tablet and connect to the network that starts with JJRC.

Once you are connected you can start the JJRC App to get flying.
The app is simple, and easy to operate, there are buttons for photo, video and drone control.
You can also activate altitude hold, and that is a great feature! You can keep the drone at the same height without any input. This makes it very easy to make a selfie with this drone, or any other picture if you want to.
The controls take a while to used with, especially when you are used to a normal controller.
The app makes it possible to fly the drone by the gyro as well (moving your phone to control it)

Alright, so now that we can fly it is time to discuss it capabilities
The controls take a while to get used to, and I think they work better on my iPad than they do on my cheap Android phone (€60,- phone new) but that is due to the iPad screen and touch being better than the phone I have.

As I mentioned this drone has altitude hold, and that is great! Altitude hold works great, it stays at the same height pretty good.

It also has auto land., tapping the down arrow makes the drone come down and land. This is a bit bumpy, but it works!
You can even do 360 flips! I can’t see why you want that, it’s not that good for the motors, but the function is there.
Controls for photo and video making are easy to access, and photo’s are being saved to your phone.

Once you have flown it a few times like I did the controls feel a lot better.
Flying time on a single charge is a good 10 minutes, and that is not too bad at all.
There are 3 speeds available, but personally I think the lowest speed is fast enough because you only have the app to control it. since it is controlled by WiFi you can expect a little bit lag, not too much, but just enough to get in troubles when you fly it in the fast mode.

The camera is not too bad at all, in fact I think it is better than I was expecting.
In this price range you’ll find many drones, and this is by far the best camera I have seen in a drone that costs less than €50,- for that money you can adjust it a little bit up and down as well!
Pictures are okay, even at night indoor!

I haven’t flown it outside yet, I will update this post with daylight pictures soon.

Video quality is not bad either, Again weather permitting I will post more footage soon

Update 13-1-2017
I have some outside footage.
It was windy, so in the end the wind took Elfie right in to the trees..

And this is some video footage.

All footage is raw footage, from the phone on the net!

So all in all I must say that this is a nice drone to fly, and it makes decent pictures.
It needs a bit of getting used to at first, but as soon as you get to know the controls it is fairly easy to control.
What I like a lot is the pouch, you can put the drone in to carry it with you. it gives it a bit of a classy look.

I would recommend this drone, just not really for beginners due to the controls.
Apart from that, if you want to check out selfie drones and don’t want to break the bank, then this is a great one to start with! Altitude hold is great, and makes picture taking easy and simple.
Flying time is not bad at all, and charging takes about 40 minutes depending on the charge you leave in after you have flown it.

This great drone is available in black, and soon also in pink! (pre order)
You can get the black one here.
And the pink one is right here.

Apps are available here:

Unfortunately, there is no app for Windows Mobile users

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