How to update firmware on Hubsan H502E and H502S


Here is how to update your H502E and H502S drone.
This update is only for the drone, I have used, and tested it on a H502E and I can confirm it works.
Important is that you have the drone connected to USB, and that it is powered on! Don’t arm it, just put a battery in.
There is no need for a flat surface, the drone doesn’t have to be level.

First, download the firmware if you don’t have it yet.
The firmware can be downloaded here

NOTE: The firmware on this site is ONLY for the H502 series.
NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage caused
NOTE: These instructions do work if you follow every step.

Once that is done, follow below instructions.

First select the folder where you have stored the update, and open the folder.

Double click the Hubsan Tools V3

A window will open with all Chinese signs, don’t worry it’s normal.

Follow below instructions from 1 to 3 to load the .hbs file that holds the firmware.

Once the firmware is loaded in the program your screen should look like this.

Click the button where the arrow is and the Chinese signs will change to a counter that counts up to 100%
After the update all 4 lights on the drone will start to blink, leave the drone until the lights go round in a circle.

You have successfully updated your firmware, and it is safe to remove the USB cable.
Unpower the drone, and power it back on if you want to fly.


    1. Hubsan told me that GPS accuracy is better, compass calibration is faster and better, and should reduce/eliminate toilet bowling. My compass now calibrates within 3 turns

      1. i just got the firmware update for my 502s from Shally at Hubsan and she wanted to know the serial number of my quad so i gave her the number and i got the FW for that number so to make a long story short if it fails and quad wont fly how do i roll back to the FW i had before i did update thank you

      2. I tried to do the firmware update on my Windows 10 machine and keep getting a firmware installation error. It doesn’t recognize the USB connection. Any idea what this is all about?

        1. I have heard that from another person as well, he managed to fix it using another computer and cable. Looks like Hubsan have another problem on their hands promising updates that are not able to install fully

          1. i have the same problen fc went ok cannoct to transmitter by usb tries 5 different cables and 2 different win 10 and one win 7 any idea the drivers were loaded as instructed

  1. I have tel hubsan 502e,only one OK,Compass calibrate fast,other old receiver boad nota update,but o Luke so much this upgrade…I need show this update firmware with my friend in Brazil…

    1. I did yesterday on my new 502s had problems with it tb so did update that was 502s fc only and lost my red lights so I reinstalled the fc software that says it’s for both the 502s and 502e that’s the right one I got back the red lights and yes it helped with tb affect also compass calibration is much faster than the original software hope this helps

  2. I upgraded my h502s. Now I can complete both compass, but the camera does not work and the engine stops working when I try to fly.

      1. I just have one question, my dad bought the H502E crashed it real bad and so then bought the H502S which did not have the remote with the screen that you can see as your flying. however I have done the update and connected the cooler remote to the 502s yet the screen does not show what thee drone sees. is there any way to make it work or is it just what it is? any help would be appreciated, thanks

        1. Hi, I think it is the other way around? The S version has the screen, and the E does not!

          You need to replace the camera from the one that had the FPV screen into the E version that does not have the screen. Only then you can use the FPV transmitter

          1. Is this all I have to do? I have a 502e that I am trying to turn into a 502s

    1. Yes!!! I did this update last night and now the drone will not fly! As soon as I hit the throttle up it just shuts off the motors!!!! and only 2 of my leds are now working as well, disappointing to say the least as my quad was only 4 days old and now I can not fly it!

  3. I did this update last night and now my drone will not fly. As soon as I hit the throttle up it just turns the motors completely off!!!! This is very frustrating as I just bought the quad 4 days ago and now I an not fly it!!!!

    1. Do you have the new board in, I mean the new revision?

      I have older firware versions as well on my page, could be that your drone doesn’t have the newest board.
      As I have written on the download page, the newest firmware is not compatible with all boards.

  4. Maybe that was the case because as soon as I updated only 2 leds were working even after I unplugged the micro USB and took it out to fly. I bought it on amazon so maybe it was an older version but I have prime and have already sent it back. Good thing about being a prime member, full refund no questions asked. I will simply purchase another one as soon as I get my refund. Do you know if the board they’re selling on Hubsan’s website is the newest version? Mine did not have headless mode as well but that was before the attempted update.

    1. Headless mode should be there! it was also on my older board that was faulty.

      I don’t know if another one would have the new board fitted. If you look on the site, there is a picture comparing the 2 boards, it’s not visible with a number or something.

      What you could do is join the hubsan facebook page and ask Shally if the board they’re selling is the new one

    2. I bought mine a couple weeks ago from Hubsan direct ($145.95), and it included the LiPo battery for the transmitter as well as prop guards and sun shield for the TX. Was very pleased. I would get it direct. Arrived the day after I ordered it. Very happy so far. Just wish it had tree avoidance ;-)…

  5. There was nothing in the manual for headless mode and from what I’ve seen online you press the left joystick in to activate headless mode? But whenever I’ve done that nothing happens. I’ve tried quick press and holding for up to 10 seconds and nothing.

  6. I contacted hubsan support via email (, and they passed another contact to try to solve the calibration problem. Here’s the new contact:
    Name: Hubsan LA
    Office Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
    Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time
    Phone: 909-444-0555

  7. Hello, I tried to upgrade the firmware and the newest one doesn’t work (old board). I then upgraded to 1.1.31 and now it doesn’t want to launch anymore. leds work ok, i do the calibration but it won’t arm. I’m clueless, could you give me some advice pls?

    1. Have you tried an older version? the 1.1.12? I have heard different stories about the firmwares, and it seems that there are many different boards around. Still trying to get some information from Hubsan about it.

    2. Plug in the drone to battery then hold camera button while powering on the controller wait three seconds release and quad will bind ???????

  8. Hello guys I did the update of this firmware that is available here the latest version is my two h502e is better to calibrate the 2 is going through.

      1. Vou aguardar a minha nova placa que já está chegando da Banggood e vou colocar no meu h502s também é se precisar vou atualizar ela também assim como eu fiz com os h502e. Parabéns a todos que se dedica a melhorar esse grupo.

        1. Oi Alex, não consigo fazer o compass 2 no meu H502S, quero atualizar o firmaware para ver se consigo…me diga por favor, como vc fez, pois parece que vc teve sucesso nessa atualização!

          1. * English Translation

            Hi Alex, I can not make compass 2 on my H502S, I want to update the firmwareware to see if I can … please tell me, how did you do it, it looks like you succeeded in this update!

      1. I don’t have any other yet. For some reason Hubsan is a bit vague about updates on the 502. I am trying to get more info from them, they haven’t replied yet

  9. I mistakenly down graded the controller now the drone doesnt fly more than 60m out, can you send me the firmware that comes with controler from factory ?

  10. Yea, luckily I bought mine through amazon and I’m a prime member, I was able to just simply return it no questions asked and buy another one. But once you do the update and it’s not the right board only 2 leds work and it will no longer fly.

  11. No site da hubsan tem os arquivos do h502 mas eu não consigo acessar e nem fazer cadastro para entrar com login. Alguém já conseguiu

  12. Hello from a happy 502E owner! I wince reading about all your nightmares with your 502E; I just had to contend with a lost controller (somewhere in the hills over Maastricht) and a lost battery.

    Three questions if I may: is there any way to check the existing board revision, and the current installed firmware version? Or we just install and hope? Thirdly, does the controller receive the update from the drone or is there a hidden connector on the controller? (I see a 4-pin connector in the battery bay.)

    1. Hi,

      The E version does not have updates, only the drone itself gets the updates.

      Yes, it’s mostly install and hope it works. Good thing is that you can always revert to another version. You can see what the current version is in the software. The board itself has no identifier unfortunately

  13. Hello,

    I have the Hubsan H502 S, and the “Follow me” mode don’t work.

    However, i waitted that GPS has 6 locked.

    When i push the follow me mode button, follow me mode display on the board, but nothing is happening.

    What should i do ?

    Best regards


  14. Will Hubsan be releasing any new firmware for the 502s controller (and quad) I checked their website and there was nothing there, just stuff for the 501s… Thank you

  15. Hi!
    I have been reading and really learning alot on the e version. Thank you so much!
    My sons E wants a compass calibration every time it starts. I want to update it but am worried about bricking it because I dont know if its an older one or not. I just bought it but that doesnt really mean anything. What should I do to try to fix it or how do I tell if its an older one or not? Also a motor went bad really quickly after we got it. I switched all four to some traxxas motor upgrade. I tried breaking them in but some sort of squeal with the props off. I think I need to do the bearing upgrade on the gear shafts. I dont think I have 30 minutes of flight time on this yet and I really hope to get this issues fixed. Its nothing like my mavic but I am amazed with how it does fly with being so cheap. Just think there is a bit more software and possibly motor issues they could of been fixed by hubsan. Thanks for any help and all the help I have already read!!!

    1. Hi,

      You have the newer version if you have both ccw and cw screws for the props.
      Compass calibration is something you have to do every time you power on the quad, with the new update it goes a lot faster, yet it has to be done before every flight.
      The motors is an issue on these quads, and that is the only, and big bad side of it. it flies great, is a LOT of fun.

      1. Ok I have the older version. Would it be worth it to buy a newer board? It flys good now but the alltitude hold bounces around some compared to my mavic but doesnt seem to bad considering its price range. Im happy with it and dont really think I need to but hard to say without knowing the difference I guess.

        Im hoping by buying a non hubsan motor it will last longer but they look nearly identical so Im not sure it its really different. Just the back plastic can cover is different. Ill report on it if I have any issues. Right know I hope they are just broke in with maybe 2 minutes of indoor flight.

        1. I also have an UpAir, and the H502 is also moving more then the UpAir does.

          Since a week I also have a H501S, and that’s something else! It’s way better than the H502 if you ask me.

          I have heard that people have done replacements with micromotor motors. these are better from what I have heard

  16. I have just bought hubsan x4 h502e and upgraded to the new firmware v2.1.35 and flew the quad 65 meters high at 150 meters distance. I have noticed that I could go even higher and further but I just didn’t want to go to the maximum on the first flight. The stability of the quad now is much better and it flyes much more smoothly than with the old software. My Hubsan X4 h502e doesn’t have the headless mode, it just came that way. When I push the left stick it does nothing, I don’t even get the headless icon on the right corner of the screen. But it has the new board cause when I turn the quad upside down while spinning the blades they just stop and motors shut down as a percaution so as when you fly it and in case of a flip or fall the motors don’t get damaged. Here is a video of the todays flight:

        1. Hi, Yeah it looks like they took out headless, but I don’t know for sure I don’t use it, I think it is useless, but that is my opinion. I don’t know about the range, I haven’t tested that, mine crashed so many times that I don’t dare to take it to it’s max.

  17. I bought a H502s in January and version numbers are as follows -Version V4.2.19. LCD V1.3.3

    Clever little beast but I have two disappointments.

    The Headless mode fails to function more often than not. I see ‘Headless On’ but it still flys as if it is off. Follow me and RTH work fine.

    The real disappointment is the video, it looks fuzzy/blurred and I have seen better 720p on other drones. Am I alone in this. I have removed the packing lens cover protection strip and use the drone in bright sunshine but the videos are more like old 480 quality.

    I presume there us no form of reset for the controller/drone

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes ,erratic headless mode is known, in fact a lot don’t even have it.

      Video on the other hand is a problem that varies per drone.
      Mine was very good, for 720p, but became bad over time. I have seen video from a 502 that was so bad to watch as well.
      Looks like it’s a bit of a gamble with this drone, it has everything to be awesome, but also has flaws that it shouldn’t need to have

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply. Ok, so live with erratic Headless but what about the camera. Any idea why the difference in qualitiy from one 502 to another’s?. Is it worth buying a replacement camera module (not cheap if that fails) and replacing mine?

        What deteriorated in yours I wonder. I have 2 earlier drones, one a Hubsan on which I upgraded the camera module to 1080p and that was excellent, with even the original camera better than my 502. The other is a JJRC and that also beats the 502.

        Such a shame that the superb GPS system on this drone is let down by the camera.

        1. Yes, I have had so many problems with my 502 that it hasn’t been flown for 3 months now. I even had a replacement board and motor from Hubsan since mine dropped from the sky 3 times. I also have a H501 and that is a lot of difference. camera is better, flying it is better, and it’s not very expensive (€188 at the moment)
          You can replace the camera module on the 502, I thought of doing that too, but I thought it would be better to buy another drone completely since motors also die after a few flights.

          Have a look under Reviews -> drone reviews and see for yourself. the H501 is a big difference

      1. Yes maybe but the motors run now although I haventhad a flight since then. Should I fly with it or no? I checked the motors while on the ground ghey wotk just fine.

        1. Try to keep it low, and see what it does.
          Also interference is an issue with drones in general, toilet bowling due to a badly calibrated compass could also be the cause. you can see it from the way it falls.
          If it starts making circles (toilet bowling) and going down, it’s the compass that lost it’s calibration or something like that.
          If it just falls down one side down it is well possible that a motor is not running good. you can hear it when you spin the props without the drone powered on, if it makes a crunching sound it’s a bad motor.

          If is’s a fairly new drone, join this Facebook group:

          Ask Shally Lui for help, or replacement parts. Shally is representative for Hubsan, and she can help with (free) replacement parts. Shally is well aware of the problems with this drone.

  18. I see, today I flew it and it was fine. Now at home I spin one of the blades with my hand and it makes a small crackling sound. The blade spins but it has this poping sound. Is this something to worry? Should I put some oil on it to smooth it out?

  19. Can someone tell me where I can find the antenna of the camera of the h502s, therefore I will put a new one in the h502e to do a test and I needed to know how it calls that antenna and i to find?

  20. I noticed everyone problem with firm ware upgrades the room guru was saying that if your 502e has the reverse threaded screw’s then that means you have the newer board needed for firmware upgrade is that right ? Also I got the h502s it has the reverse threaded screws also so does that one have the newer board needed for firmware upgrades one last thing has hubsan put out the serial numbers that are good for figureing out if you can do firmware upgrade
    Thanks for any and all help

  21. Yes they did lol but when you try the upgrade does it show you are connected ? Also if you check you tube look at the way the hubsan rep upgrades the 501s I talked to her and she told me its identical the the h502s except different firm ware take a look and good luck

  22. Hi, bought my Hubsan H502E on January and i could not make it calibrate the compass correctly. I already tried the three updates on the Firmware and the only one that fixs the issue is the newest one. But when i update it to that Firmware only two led lights work and the drone will not arm correctly (i mean, i can’t have the heading be shown correctly) so it won’t fly.
    Any solution to my problem?
    Thanks in advance

  23. So anyone that has probem after update and windows does not recognize the drone any more.Just try to another computer.This did the job for me so i was able to revert to original firmware.I had success on third different computer that i try

  24. I was able to recover mine, you have to connect USB cable first and then connect battery to drone

  25. Hi there.
    I got H502E from gearbest. They state in their product Q&A page that H502E they sell are the latest model.
    When I checked the firmware, it’s shown V1.1.31.
    I can enable headless mode, not sure if it’s funtioning or not.
    I feel it’s not the latest model but how can I be sure?
    What are the visual differences between new board and old board?
    Can I upgrade my H502E to v2.1.35?

    Please someone advise.

  26. Mine came with CW & CCW screws too.
    I tried upgrade, then as some on this site stated, only 2 lights were flashing.
    I binded to transmitter, as soon as I go up on throttle, it disarms.

    Also, once I did upgrade, there is no way to confirm on that upgrade tool’s version check button.
    It just doesn’t show the version anymore. As some have mentioned, I did connect back to PC by connecting USB first, then powering on the power on the drone. Then I’m able to revert back to 1.1.31 using the tool.
    I wish there was a way to upgrade mine to 2.1.35. who doesn’t want more stable flight with better GPS reception.. 🙁

  27. I have got two h502s copters one remote is at 2.1.36 and the other on 2.1.35. How to check the copter it self ?

    1. Jeroen,

      With the 502S powered on, enter the menu on your controller by holding the left stick down and pressing in the right stick. Scroll down to “Show Version” and press the right stick in to select. You will see the versions for the controller and the “H502S” listed. I just did mine that was on V2.1.34 and it updated nicely. There was a definite improvement on the calibration and it the drone does not toilet bowl like before, its very nice!

  28. Thank you so much for the information! I was having fits with my new 502E. It was like it had a mind of its own. Taking off and crashing. Did the firmware update, took a chance that it wouldnt brick my board and it paid off!

  29. hello, I tried to install the update on my 502e, but it said update error. So I tried it a few times, but now, my Drone wont turn on anymore, the battery is fully charged and no LED’s are flashing. Maybe someone can help me.

  30. Have a good morning.the problem with the drone is when i just plug the battery the left back motor start running up by it self. and it will not stop unless i unplug the battery. all this happens without even touching the control(control is turned off when this happen
    i hope you can give a recommendation on this matter
    could you please advise?
    best regards

  31. Do not try otherwise you will not want more.
    I have h502E, I tried to update it and now I’m going crazy ….. where to throw i

  32. Over a year later, this article is still completely viable for H502E birds with the right board:
    5/5 Stars. Period.
    – Improved Compass Calibration – within 3 turns, or 2 on a great day.
    – Tighter Position Hold – easily within 6 inches 30%, 12 inches 70%.
    – Solid RTH Accuracy – Position is within 2 ft of original launch site at Max, usually within 1ft. Turns toward home point and navigates back.
    – Overall Stable Flight – 325 ft in the air, 150 ft from launch point, 7 mph winds with 9 mph gusts. Able to do figure-eight flight pattern at close to max speed; Expert Mode with 1500mah battery.

    This firmware actually led me to resurrect my other H502E; completely upgraded with bearings; new motors etc; I get on average 18 minutes flight time when taking video with a 1500mah; and that is spending at least 60% of the time at full tilt; 40% whatever else. 22 minutes flight time when just flying it around.

    Extremely impressive, too bad they didnt release this one with the original, straight out of the factory. 5/5 Maximum Gold Stars.
    Just dont flash it on a board that doesnt support it, and you are fine.

  33. download the firmware upgrade program link from hubsan,wev site support tab, its a doc file that tells you exactly how to find your version and obtain firmware and the program. I haven’t tried it yet as I just ordered mine

  34. For those guys who have upgraded and now only two LEDs are working and the motors turn off when you put up the throttle stick, just upgrade again with the correct firmware.

    You need to use the upgrader software that comes with this package. The procedure is the same. The version of the updater that comes with this package is in English and not in Chinese, which makes it easy to read the functions of each button.

    Here’s the firmware version for the old model boards:

    Just upgrade the firmware with the right version and it will bring to life again.

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