How to paint your drone

How cool would it be to have a drone that has the colour you want, instead of the standard colour.
My drone was as white as white can be, and I find it a bit boring, that was my reason for the change.

I have painted it in matte Navy Blue and Black, but every other colour is possible of course.

Important to start with is have a look what you want to paint, and what colour you want to have it.
Get your paint, acrylic paint is good, but plastidip is also possible.
Since I have used acrylic paint, I will tell you how to do it with this kind of paint.

You will need a few things to get this done.

  • Degreaser
  • Plastic primer
  • Colour paint
  • Face mask
  • Scotch brite

First you need to take the drone apart.
This is different for every drone, but in the end you will have all the bits you want to paint disassembled.

All the bits that don’t come off have to be masked, you can use masking tape and newspaper for this.
I did not want to de-solder the motors so I masked them as well.

When all the parts are masked and ready to paint take the degreaser, and degrease all the parts with a soft cloth and a degreaser of choice.
Once that is done, get your Scotch brite, and gently rub (sand) the shell, no need to use force, you are only “opening” the top layer a bit to get a better “bite”
Once you are done with Scotch brite, grab another clean piece of cloth, and degrease once more.
This takes off all the last bits of dirt, and you will have a nice and clean shell.
Don’t try to touch the shell too much with bare hands, wear plastic gloves, that’s better.

Make sure the area you are going to spray in is clean, and has enough ventilation.

Next you take the plastic primer, and you spray the shell with the primer.
Make sure all areas are covered!
Don’t spray 1 thick coat, instead spray 2 or 3 thin coats.
Plastic primer is very important, this makes the paint stick to the shell, and it won’t come off that easy.

Now, once the plastic primer is dry it’s time for your colour of choice.
Again, multiple thin layers is better than 1 thick layer, so take your time.
Gently spray the colour paint until all areas are covered. let it dry between layers.

When you are happy with the result let the shell dry.. and depending on the paint you use this can take a few hours.
I let it dry overnight in our kitchen, after most of the smell was gone.

Once everything is dry, take all the masking take off.
Do this gently, make sure you don’t pull off any wires that you have left in the shell.

Now it’s time to put the drone back together.
Since the paint is still fresh do this on a soft underground like a towel or something.

Enjoy your freshly painted drone!

One note: Make sure you don’t use any metallic sorts of paint! these contain pieces of metal and can seriously interfere with your compass and GPS! try to use standard paint, no matter if it is gloss or matte

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