How to make a 360 pano with a mavic/spark/p4pro

A great new way of making photo’s is using the 360 function.
Litchi had this function for a while, but now it is also available on the DJO Go 4 app.
make sure you have the latest update of the app, and that your drone is running the latest firmware, the 360 function will not be available on older firmware and app functions.
Drones that run the DJI Go 3 app like the Phantom 3 Standard cannot use this function and need to use apps like Hangar 360 or Litchi in order to make panoramas

Please be advised that this tutorial is made with an iOS device.

To start making a 360 photo it is best to be at an altitude over 50m, that way you will get the best results.

When you’re in the air you need to tap the photo controls icon (just under the shutter, the 3 bars icon)

When you have pressed that, tap on the camera icon, and then tap on Photo.

This will open a page with many options. if you have a drone that runs the required firmware, and the latest app you will see the function. if you don’t have it you might have a drone that is not supported, or you need to update.

Tap Pano, then select Sphere.

Once you have tapped Sphere, the drone will be standby and will only start when you tell it to.
Make sure you are in the position you want, and press the shutter button.

The drone will control itself and the camera, there is nothing you need to to.
It will take 34 pictures for a Sphere, and that can take up to 1 minute to complete.
Once it is finished it will show a message in yellow telling the pano has completed.
If you want to do some more flying make sure to go back to single shot mode.

The 34 images are stored on the card, in a separate folder called Panorama.
But you can already look at the sphere in the editor that is built in the app.
I would strongly advise to create the 360 on a computer using PTGui Pro (post and download here)
This will give great results!

These are 2 test pano’s made with a mavic.

Unedited pictures stitched in PTGui Pro

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