How to livestream your FPV video feed

People streaming their flights to social media, we have all seen it on Facebook, or Youtube…
This is a great way of sharing and showing what you are doing.

This was already an option with a DJI drone, but there is also a way to do it with any other drone that has a 5,8Ghz FPV transmitter.
I have done this with my UpAir to test this, and it is fitted with the stock 25mw transmitter!

The picture is not the best quality, but the actual feed is a lot better!
I am still looking for a way to get that better.

To achieve this live streaming, you will need the following receiver (you can get it from AliExpress)

This is advertised to be used on an Android telephone, and if you have one you could use it with your phone, but when you use a normal micro USB cable you can also connect it to your laptop, or windows tablet because Windows sees it as a webcam! (you need to disable the internal webcam if you have one!)

When you have connected the device all you need to do is open your Facebook app, or you can use the website as well, and press the Live Video option to start streaming. You can also save your flight to your laptop using the camera app in Windows.

Here is a small video of my test flight yesterday! I have done a small flight in my street. Yes, I know it is officially not allowed!

This is what I was broadcasting yesterday, and it is not the best quality yet, but I am working on it to get that better.
I am thinking putting a cloverleaf on it to get better video at a greater distance. For now the laptop was on the roof of my car, and the transmitter was placed on the roof as well.
Note that the UpAir is still flying with the stock 25mw transmitter!

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