How to change gimbal dampers

In this post I want to show you how to change the gimbal dampers.
For this post I am using a UpAir One v3 drone, but replacing the dampers is the same in general.
The reason why I am changing the dampers is that I had a little crash not so long ago, and due to that crash I lost 1 rubber.

The dampers I am using are bought at AliExpress and cost only €2,13 at the day of writing.
This is the link to the dampers. they feel a little bit stiffer than the black ones. This could help reduce vibrations even better

These are the same make as the ones fitted from the factory

Alright, Let’s get started!

First you need to put the drone on it’s back

And then you need to gently remove the dampers by squeezing them, and gently pulling them out.


When all the dampers are out watch out for the cable that powers the gimbal and carries the FPV feed.

The UpAir uses a single cable that can be pulled out, on other drones this could be different, please pay attention to that!
Take care when removing this cable, it’s very important, and the connections are tiny, and fragile

When the dampers and cable are detached from the gimbal, put the gimbal aside, you won’t need it now.

Now remove the dampers from the gimbal frame that is on the drone, the same way as you did with the gimbal.
Gently squeeze and pull them out.

As you can see, the AliExpress dampers are the same size.

Putting in the new dampers is basically the same as removing them, just the other way around.
Start with the drone.

When all dampers are on the drone, take the gimbal and put the plug back in it’s place. Do this gently, and don’t use force, it should pop in without to much effort.

When all the dampers are in the drone, and the plug is in it’s place mount the gimbal on the dampers.

And that is that, you have successfully changed your dampers.

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  1. In need of replacing 8 pin terminal to camera. Any ideas where to find one this small? I’ve searched everywhere.

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