How to calibrate the gimbal of the UpAir One v3

Do you want to calibrate the gimbal, then have a look at below video.
Calibration is a good thing, it makes sure that the horizon is absolutely level, and we all want that for the best possible shots.

You will need to open the cover of the gimbal’s internals and make a small opening to get access to the USB port that you will need to do this calibration. The cover is glued on, but is fairly easy to open.

Once you are done with the calibration, have a look to see if you can improve the PID settings as well.
This makes a perfect calibration, and super stable video!

This is how to put the camera level

This is how to check, and adjust PID settings in the gimbal.
Yes, this is for a mobius, but this guy explains perfectly what PID settings do!


  1. Hi Olaf.
    Thanks a lot for the video tutorials and the rest of your how-tos and other relevant information about drones. I am also a member of Facebook’s Upair One Group which you a member too.
    I notice my camera tilted to a side and the gimbal needs calibration and this brings me here.
    Keep up the good work. I love it very much…

  2. Hi Olaf, I have the version that is marked px4 v1.2.00. I took the cover off the gimbal and their is no usb, only a df13 type connector. Do you know if there is a site that shows how to wire the usb to my version.

  3. Hey, I used the Simple BGC software on a Upair V2 gimbal and I accidentally erased all of its settings. Do you have any idea of what they may be?

  4. I have Upair with 4K camera and I need to do a calibration some the camera sets level. When I open the camera board instead of a usb connector there is a four pin connector. do I now need a 4 pin to usb cable or what?

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