Get Litchi for free.

Litchi, we all know it and a lot of people have it.
It is know for extra functions like pano, and also active tracking for older DJI drones like the Phantom 3 Standard.
Litchi is good, and some people use it without even using the standard DJI Go app.

The downside of Litchi is it’s price.
And yes, I hear you think… well, if you can afford a DJI drone you should be able to afford the Litchi app.
Yes, that might be true, but what if you don’t like it? what if it does not suit the needs?
I know there are pirated versions for Android users around, but I don’t go there.. too much dangers and I hate pirated software for many reasons.

There is a legal way to use Litchi for free, and I don’t think many people know that.
Litchi actually has a BETA program. This enables the makers of Litchi to get live feedback of what new functions do, and if fixes work.. in return you can use Litchi for free.

It is not the version you can download in the app stores, it is a separate version, but that gets explained by the makers after you got approved.
For iOS you need to install the TestFlight app, that enables developers to seed new apps to users to try them without using the official app store.


Since I do not use Android I am not sure how you could install it there, but I recom you have to sideload it, this is common with Android apps that are not available through the app store.

If you are interested in the BETA program you can apply through this page:

Remember, it is NOT a guarantee you will get approved! and that is something Drones4Life has no influence in.

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