Easy fix for FPV problems with the UpAir One

Many have heard and read about the FPV issues with the UpAir One drone.
Some people take apart their expensive drone to do all kinds of mods to improve the feed, and the stability of it. they buy more powerful VTX modules and stick on antennas…

But there is a faster, cheaper and effective way to deal with it.

All you need is some cello tape, super glue and an old computer mainboard.


To extend the range of the FPV signal simply take the antenna out of the leg, and stick it on the outside. you’ll notice an improvement straight away! I have had over 250 meters range without a glitch. might even go further, but I haven’t tried that yet.

But in order to keep that increased signal you also need to keep the transmitter cooled.
There is a small alluminium casing over the transmitter, but that doesn’t do the job.

The trick is to increase the size of the casing.. and not with small sticky heatsinks, but with a heatsink that is bigger than the case you stick it on.
This will increase the size, and due to the ribs it will cool very good!


I have had the drone sitting on the table, without props for over an hour with the feed on, and it worked flawless. imagine the extra cooling when flying!

These simple, yet easy mods should take care of your FPV issues in no time!

Here is a small video of my UpAir with the heatsink fitted


  1. An “old” newbie needs some help : after repairs, my UpAir One OSD shows “no MAV data” and the drone does not function at all. I have the view from the camera but this is all. Has anyone experienced this before ? … and found a cure ?
    Cheers, JP (an “old” newbie is someone above 65 y and with less and less acceptability of problems)

  2. Good morning,
    Thanks for the answer. I have succeeded yesterday in pairing transmitter and receiver, I am now able to start the drone motors. On the transmitter, I have the picture sent from the camera and the gimble operates OK. On the screen, I do not receive any telemetry indication, except the transmitter battery voltage and the mention “no MAV data” in the middle of the image. I have uploaded via Mission Planner the correct params obtained in a post from Cruzroy on the subject. If I stop and restart the drone, I get the same.
    Jean-Paul, the old newbie

  3. Thanks a lot. Yesterday I opened the drone once more and found a mistake in the connectors. I have now the telemetry as before but it seems that it does not show the GPS antennas and the position although the compass, the camera and the drone battery voltage work. I probably have again a mistake in the connectors.
    Is there anywhere a photo showing where the 6 pin connector on the left of the main board (looking at the main board with the battery plug facing up) is connected ? I think there are only 3 pins used and the underside of the board shows the markings “DTR, TXD and RXD”. I have not connected anything to this plug and yet I get the OSD even if “no MAV data” flashes for less than a second when the drone is switched on.
    I have not yet switched on the drone for an extended perod of time outside but, with Mission Planner, I know that the GPS receiver is OK.
    Many thanks again for your help.
    The problem of getting a bit old is that you do not think about taking photos when dismantling. Then you realize that your memory is not as good as before …
    Jean-Paul Coutant

  4. As I said before, memory not very good ! I forgot to mention that the Main Board is version 3, V1.0.02

    1. Hi, Hv you solved the problem of “No MAV data” issue.
      I have almost the same problem. My drone is V3 with Upair2 PX4 V1.2.0.0 board.
      Once I start the drone “No MOV Data” flash about one or two sec on the OSD. I can see all data till I press ‘Video’ button. After pressing ‘Video’ button, my OSD freezed. I still can control the drone but OSD is dead. Dangerous as I don’t know what my drone is sending to me. Even I restart the controler, still doesn’t work. I have changed the Vtx to TS5823L but doesn’t improve.
      Anyone encounter such?
      Please guide me what should I do?
      I am unable to fly more than a week cos of Vtx problem.

      1. ALL the time. I have the same board. I have to restart several times before I can get the video going and recording. I mean turning everything off and restarting. I even have a heatsink on the camera chipset and that helped a bit but not much. I am sick of missing shots and video because it freezes.

  5. Not solved completely … By changing the positions of the connectors, I now get the full OSD view and the gimbal works OK. But I am not getting any info on the number of GPS sats connected. I am not too keen in trying the drone outside like this. Suggestion for you : make sure your connectors are in good condition and that the contact male-female is good. Check that no wire is damaged or unconnected, particularly the VTX antenna.
    Good luck
    Cheers, JP

  6. Hi Olaf, at last got new Upair one 2.7k flies great but when recording the video turns out very erratic, all stops and starts. I have noticed that the record button and camera button does not always work. Could this be a bad connection in the controller which is causing this as the camera picture on the monitor is perfect while static.

    1. Hi,

      The erratic video could also be a slow, or bad SD card.
      I have had that 2 times. it will record pictures just fine, but the card can give problems with video.
      Try that first.

  7. I recently bought an UpAir One, I believe the one with the PX4 board on it. First test flight went fine.

    With this being my second UpAir, I wanted to do the USB mod. Had to custom wire this, because it had the DF13 connector on the FC board, instead of the micro USB. Connected to Mission Planner just fine and things were looking good.

    I powered on the quad (perhaps this was a mistake?) I got “No Mav Data” on the screen, and ever since, with one exception, I’ve not been able to get any OSD data on screen nor can I arm the motors.

    Sometimes when I start up the quad, I get NO MAV DATA, but if I power off and back on, I get OSD painted on screen, but all data is “flatline”. Here’s an example video:


    If I connect only to MP with quad off, I get telemetry, satellites, and everything. But w/o MP connection, can’t get true telemetry data and again, can no longer even arm the motors.

    I’ve been over everything a dozen times, removed the USB mod, etc, checked voltage feeds. I’m out of ideas.

    You can also see my comments starting post # 3200 in RCG:



    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. First of all, credit where credit is due.

      G10 customer support stuck in there with me long enough to help me get enough information to finally spot the problem. So a big thanks to Lily!

      In the end, the problem had absolutely nothing to do with the USB mod, connection to MP or even anything in the drone. I couldn’t run the calibration or re-binding sequences (https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=37549964&postcount=3203
      ) which also came from customer support and the tip came in that there could be a bad gimbal in the controller. So I took that back apart, and finally found one tiny strand of wire shorting between the signal post and ground post of one of the gimbal axis. I cleared that short and ALL the problems went away.

      I can now arm motors and have full telemetry on screen!

      Battery is charging now for a resumed test flight. As [I believe] this is the PX4 version, I’m hoping to compare wind stability vs my original one on the 8-bit APM board.


      1. i paul , sow basicly i have the problem of coming up “no move data” one my osd screen i have de v4 upair one everthing was ok in till i hade a very little crash from 2 meters high nothing broke not iven propellas but for some reson now my upair one come one the osd sayng “no move data” i can not turn on the motors but i have control of the gimbal up and down ….? any adeas ??

  8. I flew my UPAir One once yesterday. When I tried to fly it again and powered it on, I did not have telemetry and I could not arm the motors. I took it apart but did not find any loose wires.

    Any ideas of the cause?


  9. i realize that in the front of camera, there’s a tiny hole, where inside it lays a push button, do you know what is the function of the button?

  10. I am totally new to drones – and UPair one 4K, I have been flying it once so far.
    Is there anything to do with the bad monitor/screen on the transmitter?
    It is flickering and have “white lines” around edges.
    Do anyone know how to identify the board, without disassemble the drone?

      1. Thank you for a fast answer,
        As a newbee,,,,,how do i do that? 🙂
        By the way – i found out i have a PX4 board, by removing the battery i can see a label inside 🙂

        1. there should be a button on the rear of the remote, but also under the belly of the drone in the silver part.

          That way you can change channels, best is to try the remote first,if that doesn’t work try to change the channel on the drone first, followed by the remote
          you need to press the button for at least 2 seconds to do an auto scan of channels

  11. Thanks, i’ll try that. But since it’s an analog system and a low resolution, there’s a limit for how good it can be.
    There is a upair one plus version, where you can use your own tablet or phone. I wonder if it’s possible somehow to connect own phone to the version i have.

  12. Hi, I have a up air one, flown it many times In my backyard, I was flying it the other day had 16 satellites hovering at 10 feet , then it took off, I flipped the return to home switch, it did not come back, went looking for it, did find it camera broken. Other repairable damage, but now just to scared to try and fly it due to it taking off. Any help would be appreciate.

    1. Hi Karl, my sympathy for what happened. That sort of thing can really knock your confidence in the product. I researched the UpAir One for a good month before buying one. I remember reading an article that explains to turn controller on first and wait for white noise screen, then turn UA1 on, and WAIT until a minimum of 9 Satellites are locked before starting the engines. Once you start the engines the flight has technically started and the BASE position is locked by the flight controller, but it has a more accurate gps location the more signals it receives. Pushing Return to base during a low hover should cause it to ascend to 15 metres before then moving to a position above its takeoff position. Of course if you had accidentally overwritten rtl mode with a list of way points, it would of course just fly to the first on the list regardless of obstructions. Good luck bud

  13. when i turn on my upair drone i get the message no mav data on my controller wont start or anything any thoughts thx.

  14. I have an upair one and suddenly the camera doesnt light up and I can’t get data on the controller. Any ideas

  15. Bonjour,

    je possede un upair one plus 4K, il est impossible de selectionner le mode video.
    l ‘ app 1.1.5 android reste bloquer sur le mode 4K 25 fps. une solution?

  16. I am new Drone owner. I have UpAir One. On the FPV I can see the video symbol but when pressing the camera button on the controller it will not switch to camera. I can not take videos or photos. Any help is appreciated.

  17. It is Samsung but that is not the issue. It worked prior to. On the controller you cannot press the camera button and switch over to camera. It will not take video or pictures.

  18. I have an UPAir One recently purchased. In headless mode the controls are all reversed. Pressing stick forward makes drone come toward user, pulling stick back makes it go away from user, Pressing stick left makes drone go right and vise versa. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

    1. Only fix is to not use headless. It is useless, and you will crash.
      Learn to fly in normal mode, the arrow in the display shows the heading from home point. If it is pointing down, rhe front is towards home point

    2. Isn’t that the way headless works. No matter the drones direction, when you push forward will make it go “forward” to you – and opposite.
      I don’t use headless, but it is used to easy control the drone, no matter the direction the drone points at. Foward will be forward to you – and so on 🙂

  19. Axel, you’re exactly correct. That’s the exact problem that I’m having is that all of the controls are in reverse in headless mode. It worked fine fresh out of the box. Then I accidentally crashed it because all the sudden all my controls are in reverse in headless mode for an inexplicable reason. Very frustrating. I guess I will just take the advice of not flying it in headless mode anymore

  20. I’ve had my drone for just under a year. Had to send it back to GTen for repairs. Every time I’d try to fly it, it would get up and take off on me. This last time I set it up to shoot video of the soccer fields. The drone got about 10 feet in the air, shut down and came crashing back down..
    Now, I’m getting the No MAV Data again on my screen.
    Not too sure what to do next

  21. My video card went out on my upair one I got a card but was different than my original I was able to get video and mav data with Jumpers now that I have solder two wires together I got video but no mav data please help

  22. My Upairone battery doesn’t charge, you plug it in and it will charge for 2 seconds then you have to keep pressing the on button to make it charge for another 2 seconds!! Very annoying.

  23. Having problems have connection to ky gimbal camera pitches but not recieving any fpv info on my monitor my camera light flashes but cannot get picture tried channels tried the fpv transmitter on the bottom of the drone still snow literally just got today.

  24. Hi, thanks for your reply, also i’ve seen the xiaomi drone, it looks better tome, upairone has some shakyness onthefootage, so i can’t decide now, which one do you suggest, thanks

    1. The Xiaomi has a 3 axis gimbal, the UpAir a 2 axis. that makes the difference.
      But the Xiaomi is not far off a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and that is in a different league.
      Even the Standard is better and way more stable.

      I don’t know much about the Xiaomi, but I have heard some good reviews about it.

    1. Hello,

      i’ve got a problem with my Upair One plus 4k. May be, anyone could help me, the servive of Gten can’t help.

      After the last flight everything was okay. I charged the battery and wanted to start again. But suddenly it was not possible. The app shows these messages:

      Disconnected flight control
      Cam is connected
      Remote is connected

      So i can’t start the motors, the camera works, the gimbal works too. I contacted Gten, but they can’t help me. May be, anyone had this problem with the flight control? I had no crash with the drone. Please help me… thanks.


  25. I have flown my drone about 20 times and had no problem even taking it to 800 meters, won’t do that again, anyway unfortunately i got over confident one day and crashed it into the top of a 40ft tree. I was very lucky to get the drone back. Cut a long story short, when i put the monitor on it says my battery is 5.4v even if i have charged it. it flicks between 5.4 and 7.2, so i thought i would order a nice new battery but unfortunately it’s doing the same, even on a brand new battery! i have reset the ESC and the motors spin and sound perfect but when i stop everything and try to start the motors normally they don’t start just a quick spin then stop. Maybe it’s because the battery’s are on such low voltage on the monitor.

  26. Hi ,
    I am new with the Upair and i have a question about calibration.
    Is it nessesary to calibrate for every new location?



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