Fix out of focus camera Phantom 3 standard

For some reason some camera’s on the DJI Phantom 3’s are not properly focussed.
This will result in blurry pictures and video.

This is how your footage can look when your camera is somewhat out of focus.

There is a fix, but that will require you to take apart your camera! be advised that this has to be done very carefully!

Let’s start!

We need to access the camera from the rear, there are 4 screws that need to come out.

When all screws are out it is a matter of wiggling the cover out, be careful because there is a board stuck to the cap and it will come off together with the cap. It is not glued on, and you need to be careful that it doesn’t come off the cap, if it does the contacts could touch the metal of the gimbal.

Now remove the SD card if there is one inserted.

There is still one board in the camera, that is the board holding the sensitive sensor, be extremely careful!

The board is kept in place with 4 screws.

When the screws are out the board if completely free, and best is to use a small pair of plyers to get the board out.

Like I said, the board holds the sensor, and it shouldn’t get dusty or dirty.

When all of the boards are out it is time to take out the actual lens that we want to adjust.

This is kept in place with 2 screws, you need to take out the screws that hold the silver plate in place, do not take out the srews that are in the black part.

When the screws are out you can use a pair of plyers to take the lens out.

The black part is the lens, and the silver part is the lens base. by turning the lens left or right you can adjust the focus.

The lens is easy to adjust, but you need to warm up the lens a bit to weaken the glue that holds the lens in place.
I have used a heat gun, but a hair dryer will do as well.

And from here it is a matter of trying and adjusting.
I had to turn the lens in as far as I could to get good focus, that can be different on your camera, but that could be a good point to start.
Make sure you adjust by small amounts at a time, and maybe write down which side you’ve turned to.

When you made an adjustment you need to put everything back together and test.
If it is not good you need to take it apart again, and that goes better and faster everytime you take it apart, but be careful with the flatcable because you can break that easilly.

Make sure that the 2 boards are connected with eachother by the plug! if you get a “no image transmission” message the boards are not connected properly.

When your happy with the result double check that all screws are in the camera and go out and test.

It was already dark when I finished the fix, but I went from this quality

to this quality

And it is hard to see the real difference in these pictures, and I will post as soon as I can get out and fly a bit.
But I am already happy with this difference, I can only imagine that outside in full daylight it will be even better.




  1. Hi i have been flying the drone for a about 2 weeks .. today I sent the drone up to a high altitude and all functions on the control shut down the screen stayed on but no movement from the drone as it hovered for about 8/9 min then crash landed . The drone still works but needs some repairs there somewhere I can send for it to be fixed

  2. I have taken apart my camera like you did above, but is the top part of the lens (like dlsr lens) suppose to move or is it the bottom part that turns as if you were unscrewing the lens from the base?

  3. i have a problem with my phantom 3 professional,when in photo mode it only haves green stripes and when in video mode only works in 4k but the quality of the video is bad,in any other resolution it only shows lines black and white. do anybody know what is happening?

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