Fix for restrictions after DJI firmware upgrade.

Nothing is more frustrating than going out for a flight only to be limited in height and distance after an upgrade of the firmware of your drone.
You are looking in your settings, and all of the settings look fine, still there is no way going further than 50m

The good new is, the problem is not in your settings!
Yes, some settings will be reset after a firmware upgrade, but even with the standard settings (120m/400ft) the limitations are still in place.

The solution is very simple, and there are 2 ways to fix this.

First and fastest solution is logging out and back into the app.
This can be done in the field, it will require an internet connection once!

Start the app, and tap on “ME” in the right lower corner.


Next tap on the gear in the right top corner.
Scroll down if needed, and tap sign out.


Close the app

Restart the app and log back in by tapping “ME” and the gear again.
Login with your DJI account and you should be fine.

Second, and slowest solution.
This can be done in the field, requires an internet connection to download the DJI Go app!

Sometimes the logout/login solution does not work.
If that is the case you need to re-download the app.
So best is to do a test flight after an update, and make sure all batteries are updated as well!

Before downloading the app, logout first!

Once that is done delete the app from the mobile device.
Go to your appstore and download a fresh copy of the DJI Go app
When that is installed log back in with your DJI account.

Do a test flight, now all the limitations should be gone.
This is a known bug, and mostly happens after a firmware upgrade.
For now this is the only working solution.

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