Firmware upgrade UpAir One V4 camera

It appears that there is a firmware update available for the UpAir One V4 camera board.
This is the one that is mounted under the UpAir that has a PX4 board!
You can check this by removing the battery, and look up inside the drone.
It says UpAir and a number.. if it says PX4 you can try to apply this update.

There were known issues with changing the video settings, and this update should take care of that issue.

I am still trying to contact Gten to get more information about this update, and the changelogs.
For now, this software is all I have.
I don’t know if it works on other camera’s like the V3 or V2 so I cannot guarantee that
Since there is little information I would say UPDATING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK

You don’t need to do any mod to do this, upgrade is done with an SD card

Download the zip package here


  1. tried doing this update but couldn’t figure analog from digital, nor would the burn be successful

  2. My camera is working fine, v2 with 4K integrated camera. But do you know if there is any way to change the date/time value on the camera? it is incrementing, just on the wrong year.

  3. Hey, when I started the upgrade the light on the camera flashed for about a minute or so but then the gimbal started going haywire and the camera light turned off. Now when I try to view the camera from the controller, it says camera disconnected. Did I fry my camera somehow?

      1. I have tried it multiple times with the same result every time. Not sure what happened. Maybe I should email gten?

          1. Same Problem….
            do you know anything about a rollback. can i get the standart-software anywhere?

    1. they will reply, they are getting up to speed when it comes to customer support! let me know the outcome, and if I have one, I’ll let you know as well.

  4. Hi. Any news? Is the firmware upgrade working or can i damage my drone ?
    I have an Upair One V4 with PX4 board and the failure changing the camera settings .

        1. Update also do not work for me. Gimbal gets crazy. After reboot same firmware as before. And not able to change camera settings. 🙁

  5. did anyone fail to upgrade the camera? I have a same issue with resolution not being changed.. and I tried to upgrade the camera.. but after 2 min. what I see is shaking camera.. didn’t do what I expected. Mine says Upair 2 px4 1.2.00 on the board. anyone know what to do?

  6. Excuse the disturbance … I have an UpAir one V1.0.02 … since there is a USB port behind the radio remote control I do not understand why I connect the phone and open Gten’s application does not give me any connection signal … but the thing It looks strange because with my Dji phantom it has a very simple USB port and it works though … you know why ?? I would really be useful since monitor resolution is bad

    Thanks so much 😉

  7. how can i check, which version my upair one it is? V3 or V2 oder V4, i just look to the board which is PX4.

  8. Tried updating upair one and the image file keep saying no image file found when running in program. Don’t understand. Need help. Warren

  9. Just a word of warning regarding making any changes to the cameras firmware. .. I bought an upair one with 2.7k camera from Banggood in August 2017. When it arrived it had a sticker on the camera saying 2.7k-SN:90170428C19
    It was set up to take 2.7k video, BUT when I pressed and held the ‘take a photo’ button, instead of toggling to a lower resolution, it changed to 4k…… and IT WORKS. Obviously during production, someone has put the wrong sticker on the camera identifying it as a lesser model. Has anyone found an alternative way to set the correct date and time other that the one that suggests creating a text file in the root of the micro SD card since it doesn’t work for my mystery model of camera.

  10. Hi Guys
    That’s my first post here.
    I can’t change video setting on my Upair One 2.7k PX4 boad.
    In folder are three files but 1-st and 2-nd confusing me… :-/
    1-st file 2.7KúĘAnalog image transmission úę
    2-nd file 2.7KúĘDigital transmission úę.
    How can I know the good file for my camera? Analog or digital?

  11. Hello everyone!
    I got my Upair one 4k from Amazon Yesterday. Was not able to change the video recording mode according to 3 different instructions… But finally, i figured it out! You need to hold down the photo Button, it will Take a Photo, but afterward read 2.7k instead of 4k in the top left corner. Did it again and it changed again to 1440

  12. I’m using the Upair Core copter’s camera with another Upair with PX4 but the video function aren’t working correctly.

  13. This firmware is a LIFE SAVER. I have the UpAir One Plus 4k. It would only take a single photo or video. This firmware fixed the issue for me.

    Here is a video of the problem I was having BEFORE applying this firmware.

  14. I installed the firmware update (I have exactly the same version info as shown in the end of Carlos’ video). Now there is no connection with the UpAir APP (disconnected). Remote control seems to connect to the camera still. Any solution or how to go back to the factory firmware?

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