Exposed the USB port of the UpAir

As you might have read in my previous post I have had a hard landing with the UpAir.

No major damage other than a damper that got lost in the grass.
But, the UpAir had a minor deviation to the right and I wanted to know why.
So i exposed the USB port.

And I hooked it up to Mission Planner, and the problem was clear straight away…

The gyro was not level anymore, so I had to recalibrate it.
After the new calibration I have hovered in the garden voor 20+ minutes and there was no more deviation to one side.

Job done!
So, if you have had a crash and flight is not at smooth as it was before, have a look at this. Even though there is no visible damage, the internals can be moved about, with the result that the calibration is gone.

I also did a gimbal calibration after it, so everything is nice and level again.

How to do this mod? Have a read here, all sorts of mods explained in 1 post.

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