Exchange flightboard Hubsan H502E/H502S

As you might have heard the Hubsan H502E/S has it’s problems.
Some can fly hours and hours without problems, others crash after 2 flights.
I am one of the last, and after changing motors several times, all under warranty, I have had a replacement board from Hubsan.
If you want to replace your board, these are actually very cheap as well, you could buy them here.

Hubsan told me that the fault is not in the motors, but in the board.
In this post I want to show you how to replace the board, including motors and lights.
You can use this post also when you are only planning to replace your motors

The tools you need:

First you need to remove the propellers, if you have them on.

After that you need to put the drone on it’s back and remove the “landing gear” by removing 2 screws.

Remove the landing gear, under it you see another screw that needs to be removed as well.

Once this is removed you need to remove the other 2 screws from the arm

Do this with all four arms.
When all screws are out you can separate the top from the bottom half.
Be careful though, the GPS antenna and Compass are still attached to the board, gently unclip them.

When you have unclipped the antenna’s you can take away the top cover completely.
Now you have full access to it’s internals

The motor mounts just pop out, they are not clipped in.

Now you can desolder the wires to remove the motors from the board.

Now you can remove the motors from the mounts. These are clipped in the mount, be careful when removing them.
Take note of the way the wires are routed through the mount!

Since you have the motors out it might be good to lube the bearings while you’re at it.
I am using sewing machine oil.

Now that the motors are removed it is time to install the new motors in the mounts.
This is basically the reverse of what you have just done, motor slides in, and clips in it’s place.
Rout the wires in the mounts, and put them aside.

Now it’s time to unclip the camera from the board, the clip slides out.

And after that desolder the LED lights from the board.

Now that everything is desoldered you only need to unplug the antenna before you can remove the board.

Use the same screwdriver that you used for the propellers to remove the board.

The first thing I notice was that the boards are not exactly the same.
It looks like this is a newer board, revised maybe.

Now that everything is removed you can put the new board in.
The new board is a straight fit, and even though the board is different for the eye connections for motors and lights are in the same place.

When everything is back in place it is time to put back the top cover.
Just don’t screw it back together yet!
I think it is better to leave it open just now to do a quick check to see if everything is working.

Connect a battery, and see if the lights go on.

Switch on the controller…
Wait, that doesn’t work!
The controller is binded to the board that was removed, and we need to bind the controller to this new board now.
There is a short and simple video on YouTube that show exactly how it’s done.

Now that you have binded the new controller it’s time to power it up.

When the test passed, and you are sure everything is working it is time to put it all together.
Put the propellers on, and test it carefully

You will notice one thing straight away…

take off the propellers after your test, and let the new motors break in.
Just leave them running without propellers for a few minutes.

If you are looking for parts for the H502E/S you can have a look here

happy flying!


    1. Can someone tell me where I can find the antenna of the camera of the h502s, therefore I will put a new one in the h502e to do a test and I needed to know how it calls that antenna and i to find?

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