Easy DIY discharger for your LiPo’s

No matter if you need to travel by plane, or are planning to store your drone for a longer time, you need to discharge your LiPo’s in order to keep them in good shape.
There are many dishargers that you can buy locally or on the internet, but there is a very cheap DIY option that discharges your LiPo’s very quick.

DJI lipo’s have an option to discharge after a set amount of days and takes days and days to discharge.
You might be in a situation that you don’t want to wait that long and need a faster way.

For this post I am using a 4s DJI Phantom 3 intelligent battery.
This LiPo is discharged using this DIY discharger, and takes less than 40 minutes to discharge to storage level.

For this you will need 2 spade connectors (or any other connector that you want to use with your LiPo)
Also you need to have a H4 car bulb, and a bit of thick wire (any houshold electrical wire will do)


Crimp the spade connectors to the wires.

Now get the car bulb, and connect it the same as in the picture.
Reason for this is that you then use both high beam and low beam of the bulb at the same time. This will discharge the LiPo faster than when you use only 1 of the 2

And this is all you need to do.
Yes you need to make sure the wires don’t touch eachother, but that is a matter of using some electrical tape or something.
Once this is done you can plug it in the LiPo, and after powering it on it will start discharging straight away.

And here you can see that both beams are used

But there is a very big caution!
The bulb gets VERY hot

Ideally you are discharging to around 30% for storage..
Don’t go too low, this will destroy your battery!

And here is a video showing you how fast this goes.



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