*UPDATE* Early photos of a Phantom 5?

DJI has cancelled the Phantom 5, at lest for now!
They told us that the pictures are just a custom Phantom 4 with a one-off camera system. For now DJI is focussing on the Mavic 2 series.

I stumbled upon these pictures, and they look to be pictures of a new breed of Phantom drones.
It could be the Phantom 5, it could also be a Phantom 4 that has the new camera attached for testing purposes.
What we can see is that the camera supports detachable lenses, that is what insiders have told to be released with the upcoming Phantom and these pictures might confirm that.

Not sure if this is the Phantom 5, or a modified Phantom 4, but they are testing new things for sure!
I personally do like the colour of the Phantom

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