Download Hubsan H502E and H502S firmware

On this page you can download the H502E-H502S Firmware

This is the latest version available 2.1.35.

NOTE: INSTALLING 2.1.35 ON A NON COMPATIBLE BOARD WILL BRICK IT! I had enough people trying to update a non compatible board blaming me for spreading faulty firmware, and destroying the hobby of someone. I will never, ever spread things I don’t try first!

NOTE: This firmware might not be compatible with your board. It’s made for the newest revision and I cannot guarantee that it works on other boards as well. Hubsan exchanges boards under warranty of you are on the Hubsan facebook page. If you got one from Shally, then this firmware works 100%
Click here to start the download

If you have issues with this firmware, or the update has failed,  you can always rollback to older versions

1.1.12 including the controller update for the S version
You can download the .zip file here

1.1.31, drone only
You can download the .hbs file here

These files are all original Hubsan firmwares, and the update procedure is the one that Hubsan uses as well.
If you have a drone that doesn’t fly for whatever reason, please try to downgrade your firmware.
Again, these are here to help in case of problems, and I am in NO WAY responsible for ANY damage done.

Once you have downloaded it, use this page to guide you through the update process.