Download firmware for the Hubsan H501S

Firmwares are back! You can download them again!
These include super flyers and custom firmwares!

On this page I will have the latest firmwares available for the Hubsan H501S, both standard and advanced.
You can also choose to update and remove the altitude restrictions, More on that in this post

There are also videos for you to watch how to update the drone and transmitter.

This is a tutorial video that shows you how to update the drone and standard transmitter.

Upgrade video for Standard transmitter:

Update video for the advanced transmitter:

How to calibrate the sticks on an advanced transmitter.

Download the firmware zip here

Want a H501S yourself? Get yours HERE
Transmitter LiPo’s can be bought HERE
Extra batteries for the drone can be bought HERE


  1. 7-4-2017 links all dead!
    Makes your job correct and finally makes sure for final good FW.
    Without toilet bowl and with functioning coming home!

  2. I know …
    But I hope that possibly read here.
    This farce after a reasonable update site must really end.

    1. I am not responsible for all the failures of Hubsan.
      Might even stop helping them if they continue like this.

      I am in touch with Shally, she doesn’t seem to care….

  3. Where do I find the firmware downloads? loads of sites say download and no links, Hubsan link does not work

  4. Hello, have tried fc firmware to install from superfly folder then coming “update error” and since the copter no longer works! What can I do?

  5. hi,where can i download the new firmare 1.1.36 for my h501ss ? the drone work bad,so i want to upgrade it… thank you fedebhr

  6. Hubsan… you get what you pay for. The reality is that these guys could be ROCKING the drone market if they only understood CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  7. is there a way to remove the altitude restrictions I’m running fc v1.1.38 on the hudson h501s. its a great platform but i need just a little more height to get the moon rise and sunset shots I’m looking for.

    by the way great videos and you are very cute lol


      1. Already tried this and the upgraded version. I’m using fc 1.1.38. I’ve read that hubson may have blocked us from changing any thing in the newest flight controll software. But it’s ok. I’ve learned it’s highly illegal to go any higher than 400 ft anyway.

  8. I have Hubsan x4 501s firmware 1.1.38 I see there is a update version from 11/9/2016 v2.1.35 is do you guys know if this will work and what changes did they change. Also anyway to edit the new version and take off altitude?
    What is max as is now for this version?

  9. Please Help!!!
    I think I made a huge mistake 🙁 Tried to update my Hubsan H501S but i think the latest updates were already on it. My remote control has the version V4.2.28 and I installed at the drone FC-V1.1.41.hbs . I can´t update my remote controll to any other version because when I try to update the remote controll and I turn on the drone (before updating), the drone always turns on and red lights are blinking. But there shouldn´t blink any lights like in your video. So i decided to let it be.
    BUT: I don´t know which version I should install at the drone because with FC-V1.1.41. I can´t bind it to my remote controll which has V4.2.28. All i get are red lights and one is blinking very fast. So please help me, I wished I haven´t done anything because it was flying quite well ;( ;(

    1. Hi.
      I had the same combination of firmware and where able to bind the drone to the remote Control. but I recomend to upgrade to the FC-V1.6.25 instead.
      My drone where not able to fly correct with the FC-V1.1.41, after upgrade to FC-V1.6.25 it fly very stable.

  10. Hola, acabo de recibir mi dron HUBSAN H501S X4 y no arma motores, despues de muchas pruebas he descubierto que mi dron lleva firmware del dron H501SS x4, y pregunto si esto puede afectar al funcionamiento de este dron, ya que lecorresponderia llevar un firm acorde a su modelo y no al modelo advanced. Alguien podria decirme slgo a este respecto??? Gracias

  11. Another new 501S out of the box! Last one died on me at 15 min with above 7.0 battery. I just cant seem to understand the Hubsan product. Having 3 high end DJI drones, CGO35, and Bugs 2C, everything seems to ne a major step ahead of this 501S.

    This one, with advanced controller, I cant get fpv beyond 15 feet. WTF is going on with this company?

  12. I bought a new FC Hubsan H501s, but wanted to mod limit the height, distance but plugged into the computer (Win10) Connected not change the operation.
    Is there any lloix here and how to fix this?
    Thank you very much !


  13. Is there anyone who could link me the camera firmware v 1.1.10? It is the same of H501A. I need that version because I think it’s better the the last one (1.1.14)

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