DJI Media Maker

The easiest way to create your panos or timelapse!
DJI Media maker does the job for you so you can concentrate on other things.
Download link is below this article, both Mac and Windows

You can set your DJI drone to do a timed shot.
This means that the drone will make 1 single photo at an interval you have selected.
Once you have set an interval it is important to have the drone in the air and leave it in that spot for as long as you want the timelapse to take.

You can select times shots from the photo settings menu

The sequence will start as soon as you have pressed the photo button manually.
You can stop the timed shot with the red cross on the other side of the screen.
during the sequence you shouldn’t touch your sticks.

When you have the photo’s you want it is time to open DJI Media Maker.

Make sure all the photo’s you have made for the pano are in the same folder and no other photo’s are in there!
This is very important as the software will stitch all photo’s in the folder you select in the sequence you took them in.. no matter if the subject is different.

once you have selected the folder you will need to select TIMELAPSE and once that is selected you need to press start.

When the stiching is done you will see COMPLETED and you can have a look at your timelapse.

You can also use this software to stich your panorama photos.
With both the spark and the mavic you can make pano’s with the DJI Go app (iOS Only)
You can also make pano’s with Litchi and Dronepan if you have an older DJI drone like the Phantom 3

When the drone has finished the pano shooting sequence you need to put them in the DJI Media maker software as well, but now you need to select what kind of pano you want depending on what pano you have selected from the photo menu.

when you have selected the pano of choice all you need to do is hit start, and then it’s waiting for the software to finish.
Unfortunately I cannot post a 360 pano here on this page, I need to find a way how to post that, but will find that out. I guess you all know what a 360 pano is, if not here is a link showing you what I mean.


Are you interested?

Download DJI Media Maker for Windows here

Download DJI Media Maker for Mac here


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