DJI Mavic Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers review

I have bought a set of the Mavic Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers.
On the Mavic Platinum it’s proven to improve flight times and reduce noise.
They are a straight fit on every Mavic, but the design is slightly different.
The blades are wider and a little bit longer as well.

Overall Performance:

The blades perform well!
The motors spin at around 50 rpm less when hovering. That shows that the props provide more lift per rotation, although not much.
On the Pro I did not see any improvement in flight times, but I must say that I have pushed it at times as well because there were stories of the props hitting the shell in sports mode.
I have  flown in sports mode, fought against wind to see what it would do, bit that story is not true, the props never hit the body.
If there are any improvements in flight times I will let you know as soon as I can head out and test that.


Yes, the blades produce less noise! that’s 100% true! but is it a difference to claim they are low noise? No, personally I don’t think so.
There is less noise when hovering, but as soon as you take off you don’t hear a difference anymore.
Taking off sounds different, there is less noise, and the noise is different, this is due to the wingtips.
With the old props you could really hear the props hitting the air (helicopter sound) but with the low-noise props you don’t have that.. of course there is sound, but it’s different..

Here is a small video so you can hear it.

You can get your set at the DJI store

And here are some pictures as well.


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