DJI Assistant 2 download.

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DJI assistant 2 is a very handy tool if you have a DJI drone, and everybody should have it!

I have the 1.1.2 Version available for download. I have downloaded this from DJI’s website before they replaced it with a newer one.

Download version 1.1.2



Mirror links for version 1.1.2



In newer versions you lose the ability to mod, but with the 1.1.2 version you can still mod the parameters if you want to. These are the 1.1.2 downloads, The latest version is all the way down the post, and is a download directly from DJI

You cannot install this as normal on a Windows 8/10 computer.
The drivers are not signed properly, and Windows won’t install them.
There is a way to disable driver signing, and that is a standard function in Windows.
Full installation instructions for installation on Windows 8 and 10 are at the bottom of this article.

What is DJI assistant?

Assistant allows you to update firmware, calibrate sensors and even read logs.
you can also downgrade to a previous firmware if you like.

Assistant is very useful when a SD Card update failed and the drone is stuck in the update modus.
Upgrading firmware through Assistant 2 is also a lot quicker.

You also have a simulator option so you can fly a simulated drone with your remote 🙂

DJI assistant is available for Windows and Mac, here is the latest version directly from DJI.

DJI Assistant 1.2.5 Windows

DJI Assistant 1.2.4 Mac


Installing this tool on Windows 8 or 10 requires you to boot into safe mode.
This is because the 2 drivers needed are not, or not properly signed, and Windows 8 and 10 won’t allow installation when running in “normal” mode

To get in safe mode, and disable the driver signing requirement do the following.

Click the Start menu and select Settings.
Next click Update and Security.
Then click on Recovery.
Click Restart now under Advanced Startup.
then click Troubleshoot.
next select Advanced options.
after that select Startup Settings.
Now click on Restart.
In Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.

Here is a video how to do that.

Install DJI assistant as usual, the drivers will be installed, and you are able to use DJI assistant.
After installation restart the PC to run it in “normal” mode again.

Once the software is installed you can use it like any other program, safe mode is only needed during installation.
The drivers work in normal mode.

There are no reported installation issues for Mac!


  1. Just got the Mavic Pro and am getting atti message. I have tried to calibrate the red alert for sensor calibration but it fails every time. I’m getting pretty frustrated. Help

    1. I had this with my Mavic, and I have sent it in for repairs.
      Turned out to be a faulty compass and I got a complete new unit as a replacement

      But make sure you are calibrating with the arms unfolded, and in an open space as well!

  2. There are 4 sensors on my dji mavic air by the blinking light towards the back. The two in the middle only one has a blinking red light is that bad?

    1. Hi,

      The latest version is all the way down the post, these are downloads directly from the DJI site.
      Have a look, and let me know if it helped you.

  3. Hi drones 4life! Are you in the UK? I need to bring my Mavic to you so you can enable ”’non DJI battery’ . Please get in touch.

  4. Hi folks! Just downloaded this for MAC and I am having the following issues:

    – first download link actually downloads and installs DJI Assistant for Ronin (which accidentally do have 🙂 but don’t want to modify, I want to modify my Mavic 2 pro);

    – second download link downloads an install package, which goes through the installation steps but does not appear in my /applications/ folder, nor can I launch the app via Spotlight search on my Mac;

    Any ideas what might have don wrong? I logged in as an admin, I restarted my mac but to no avail.

    1. Hi.

      There is no such thing as a assistant for Ronin. Assistant is assistant, and you should be able to run it with your DJI drone as well.
      Not sure why the app isn’t showing up in your applications folder, the app is called assistant, have a look.

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