DIY drone case

Of course you can go ahead and buy a case or bag for your drone.
There are many different shapes and sizes and there’s one for almost every drone.

I wanted something different, so I made my own.
I am not writing a full tutorial for the one and only reason that these could be made in so many ways with just as many materials.

I have used the following.

1. A big suitcase.
2. Polystyrene foam.
3. sound insulation foam.
4. hot glue.
5. spray glue.
6. sharp knife.
7. a pair of scissors.

To start with I took all the upholstery out until I had an empty shell.
after that I started to cut out the polystyrene foam to match the shape of the suitcase.
I had to use 2 layers to get the height I wanted.

Once that was done, I made room for the drone, controller and LiPo batteries by cutting out holes to match the shape of the bit I want to fit in.
I have made the space a little bit bigger than I measured, this is so that I can put the insulating foam on and everything still fits like I want it to.

I created room for only 2 LiPo’s just now, but I left enough space for another one if I order one later.

Once I was satisfied with the results after many tries I glued everything in with hot glue.
Once the hot glue had cooled down I put the sound dampening foam on top to cover all of the polystyrene foam.
I have used hot glue for this as well. The spray glue dissolves the polystyrene foam, so hot glue was the best option
As you can see everything fits great, and there is still room left for extra stuff.

Now that the lower part is done it’s time to do the upper part.
I have a small box that holds the chargers and the propellers, and I want that in the case as well.
So I used just a little bit of polystyrene foam to create space for that. and covered that with the sound insulating foam
The rest of the sound insulating foam is glued to the shell directly using spray glue.

The result is a great case, with a lot of space and enough room for extra bits that I could add.
And even better, it is a tough case, so it’s also a good protection for my precious drone.

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