Create your own powerbank

Powerbanks, they come in all shapes and sizes.
Most of them are good enough to charge a phone, but are dead after 1 or 2 charges.

I needed a better solution! I use my phone to fly with the Phantom 3, and I could hardly get 2 flights out of 1 fully charged iphone 5s. imagine what I could do with a half charged one, they flying needs to be canceled long before the drone battery is empty.
I was just looking at the Hobbyking site and I came around something that sparked my interest, and gave me a great idea!

This is a dual USB port charger that connects to any 2-6s Lipo with an XT60 plug.
I had a few 5200mah 3s LiPo’s that weren’t in use anymore so I decided to give it a go.
The LiPo gives me a full day of power in my iPhone, I can fly using my phone, and charge the controller all at the same time!
I have tested this not so long ago, we went out flying for a day in Germany, and I plugged in the iPhone in the morning around 9:00am
We drove to Germany, and I have flown my Phantom there. I have  3 batteries, and they last around 25 minutes each.
The remote had 2 lights on, so that was on 50% as well, when I started flying I plugged that in as well.

We left Germany in the afternoon. 3 LiPo’s were empty, but my remote was fully charged.
My phone was and stayed at 100% all the time, so there was no problem in combining the phone as monitor the whole day, and staying connected to the internet and phone the whole day.

If you have a spare (minimum 2s) LiPo with an XT60 plug you should try the USB adapter.
It’s under €5,- but well worth the money!

You can get one here: XT60 to USB charger

Here are some photo’s of mine, and the LiPo I have used.
The LiPo could be bought here: ZOP Power ZOP 5200mAh 11.1V 30C Battery XT60 Plug

At this moment I have all of this in a pouch that I got with my sunglasses, a nice black pouch and only the charging cable(s) stick out.

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