Windsurfer for Phantom 3 Standard

I have read a lot about the simple windsurfer mod, and since my range was not great I thought ordering one couldn’t hurt.
In the stories I have read, most of the people that have fitted one reached close to a mile/1600 meters, comparing that to my 400m with stock, it should be a great little mod and it costs a few Euro’s/dollars depending where you buy it, but it is worth the money! You can get one here

Standard I could get over 400 meter without any problems or messages.

But with the windsurfer…

(And the magic power mod for video range as described here) I got just shy of 1800 meters
This simple windsurfer nearly quadrupled the range!!

So all in all this is a great addition for the Phantom 3 standard, and when you do the magic power mod too, you will not lose video at that range.


  1. I own my P3S for a little month now and the first, little, cheap mod I bought was the windsurfer, based on the findings of this site.
    I got shy to 650 mtrs, in a open field near Vianen (Utrecht) before let it fly home.
    When the weather gets better, I’ll try and push it further.
    Though not planning to fly it long distances, I am considering of buying a Itelite dbs anenna.
    Just for getting a more stable signal. And yes I am aware of voiding the warranty when doing so.
    Thanks for the helpfull info on this site.

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