Careful with LiPo batteries

A lot of new pilots are joining every day, and they are all very keen to get up in the air!
This is great of course, and if you fly with care and caution there is no reason not to like it.
But, all these new drones could cause a new risk.. LiPo fires! especially when you are not aware of the dangers that come with these kind of batteries.

Every drone comes with a charger, and some of these chargers are questionable, but I won’t discuss that here.
LiPo’s are known to be able to store a lot of power, and can free a lot of power in a short time.
This is ideal for drones and other R/C goods, but all this power is also a risk when you don’t take care of a few things.

When the LiPo is charged, disconnect if from the charger! Overcharged batteries could catch fire.

When you have charged your battery, and are ready to take flight, enjoy it!
If you crash, or fly in to something, before taking off again, check your battery for any signs of damage, dented, bent or damaged LiPo batteries are a great hazard! this movie is maybe a bit overdone, but it shows what could happen if you damage your LiPo

If Santa brought you a drone with a 2S battery or more you could consider buying a good charger.
A good charger would be the IMAX B6: Available here

You can also get a LiPo bag, these are fireproof. this is the safest option to store LiPo Batteries.
There are tons of sites that have good info about LiPo batteries, One of them is Rogers Hobby Center. On this site you can read everything about LiPo batteries.

I have only one advice when it comes to charging, NEVER leave them unattended!
Don’t leave the house, don’t go to sleep, stay close to the battery.

Another movie that shows you exactly what the difference is between “normal” batteries and LiPo batteries.
These guys put them in a hydraulic press, the results are shocking.


  1. What’s then the good way to use a lipo?
    Full charge and fly…what is the limit to go for discharge. Put it away charged or half charged…

  2. Always put it away with around 50% charge if you’re not planning to fly for over a week.
    Before flying charge the LiPo until the charger stops, only then the LiPo is fully charged.

    Don’t try to discharge the LiPo too far, you could break them! when it’s running low on power, don’t try to get more out of it. you could break cells.

    1. Good info thanks,
      one question more, how low in %
      can we go before stop using and
      recharge after the battery is cooling down?

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