Calibrate the gimbal of your DJI drone

Calibrating the gimbal is very important because it makes sure that the IMU in the gimbal knows what is level and adjusts the camera to that.

If you notice that your horizon is off (not straight) when you are flying a gimbal calibration might help a lot.
This is very easy to do!
The process of calibration might be different on different DJI models! the result is the same.

Before you start I would recommend to do a IMU calibration first, like explained in this post.

To make sure the gimbal calibration is successful please put the drone on a level surface.
Start the drone like you would normally do, first the controller, then the drone.
Also make sure you take off the propellers, just in case!

When you are sure the drone sits on  a level surface it is time to start the calibration.
Please follow these steps to start the calibration.

As soon as you press OK the camera will start to do some crazy moves.
That is the actual calibration process, and when it if finished it will beep confirming it has finished.

After that the calibration is complete, and you’re good to go!

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