Calibrate the controller of a DJI drone

Calibrating your controller is also important to do at times.
You might notice jerky movements when jawing, or a slight drift to a side.
drifting might also be caused by a bad IMU, check that first! this is how to calibrate the IMU

But when you are sure the IMU is fine, you might solve drifting or other strange behaviour by simply calibrating your remote.
If your drone is still powered on, power it OFF!
For safety reasons you are not able to calibrate the remote with the drone connected.
So, power off the drone, but leave the remote ON!


The app will show that the aircraft is disconnected.



Now follow these steps to calibrate your remote.








Now move the sticks and all wheels to their maximum, the app will show you.



When you have done that, press finish, and the controller is calibrated!


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